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    OK, I know it is a basic question but that is what this forum is for.
    If I buy a white 9900 sim free unlocked handset here in the uk, how will it differ from say a one bought from my O2 shop.
    You see I am with O2 and always thought that you needed the O2 settings in the phone to make it work better with, if I get an unolocked one would it be the exact same and nothing missing?
    Thanks in advance.
    12-22-11 06:51 PM
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    This forum is common place where like minded people meet and discuss their and common problems, not only problems but enhancements. They test/ verify and provide valuable information. Crackberry is like having in company of old grand experience people and most important they all are very helping.
    Usually O2 will lock BB and may/ may not provide some free apps (which are useless),
    Using unlocked BB is not a bad idea, O2/Vodafone/ etc support unlocked BB to work on their network, there is absolutely no problems till BB/ SIM CARD is not faulty.
    Settings: once you insert Blackberry (service) enabled sim card in BB, it will automatically connect to server and download all the settings (in worse conditions you may have to call wireless rep and ask him to send service book, or you can do it your self once your BIS account is created).
    Missing: O2 BB will boot with O2 logo and unlocked retail BB may boot with blackberry logo. There is absolutely no difference in both cases (unless O2 asks RIM to do something special, which is not possible).
    Unlocked BB will work with almost all the operators world wide (GSM).
    Check 3G frequencies for your operator.
    Hope this helps.
    12-22-11 07:17 PM