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    Ok, I really need to know the following please:
    If I buy a 9900 unlocked from eBay uk that is an unwanted upgrade from phone4u and the 9900 has a fault or I wish to sell it on then does this unit have a blackbery warrenty with blackberry uk?
    I called up phone4u and they said that the warrenty it ONLY with the original person who has the phone as an upgrade and only they can get the phone fixed should a problem occur BUT surely, as it is only 4 weeks old would blackberry uk be able to fix it should a problem occur? I know apple you can walk into the store regardless and do a swop.
    Thanks in advance.
    I am thinking about checking out the 9790 and need to know what to do if I sell this on and what warrenty it will still have to the new owner
    01-15-12 02:20 PM
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    there are many threads about this stuff. please search the forums next time.

    the people who have ran in to this issue have had varied success... most deem the warranty to be non existent because most of the time they do not get original purchase documentation to prove when/where the phone was purchased.

    If the phone was LOCKED to a network, and then unlocked by the person or phone4u, that automatically nulls any warranty.

    If the phone comes with documentation of original purchase and came factory unlocked you should be able to send it away to RIM directly for repair.

    I am going to say there is no warranty because the phone was probably originally on orange or o2 then unlocked by the user to make it more appealing. which immediately would have voided any chance of warranty.
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    01-15-12 02:28 PM