1. mevans121's Avatar
    Hi guys,

    New to this site so thanks for any help in advanced.

    The touch screen on my 9900 has been playing up for sometime , it does not work and it also selects things making it impossible to use !

    Its out of warranty and i just unsure on my options ?

    is it possible to change the screen ?

    02-11-13 10:08 AM
  2. eve6er69's Avatar
    you might be able to find one online. i just checked my usual retailer for screens and they dont have them. the one i usualy go to is Faceplate | Housing | Repair parts | Accessories | Mobile parts | Novelty Items
    02-11-13 10:30 AM
  3. MADBRADNYC's Avatar
    If it's just the Touch Screen, and not the LCD display beneath it, this may work for you...
    OEM Blackberry Bold 9900 9930 Replacement Screen
    02-11-13 03:12 PM
  4. Jay Hopkins's Avatar
    Amazon.com: Glass Digitizer Touch Screen for Blackberry Bold 9900 - 9930: Cell Phones & Accessories

    Heres the screen. You can find a multitude of instructionals on how to do it on here, and on youtube :-)

    Happy swapping! :-D
    02-11-13 07:23 PM
  5. mevans121's Avatar
    cheers for all the replies

    got a feeling its the LCD as well though as there is a thin black line through the centre and small black dots in the corners
    02-11-13 07:51 PM
  6. Jay Hopkins's Avatar
    sounds like the ribbon cable may have a fault in it. Usually you get that type of distortion when your not getting the correct pixels into the LCD.
    02-11-13 09:39 PM

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