1. mbmoney's Avatar
    last night i was messing around with my phone and saw that there was a software update i could do from the phone itself without hooking it up to my computer. so this morning i did it, it downloaded the software and then it tried to install it but before it installs, it backups your files, now i don't know where its backing up or whatever not but its been stuck at 22% allllll dayyyyy!!! i pull the battery and still just goes to 22% backup and i hooked it up to the computer and it wont connect and i can't get rid of the backing up process or anything!!!

    WHAT DO I DO NOWW??!!!
    01-08-12 08:45 PM
  2. mbmoney's Avatar
    like is there a way i can stop the process all together and just do it by hooking it up to my computer :S
    01-08-12 09:16 PM
  3. rfig's Avatar
    download the os that you wish to install into your computer and install it. then run loader and it will do a clean install on your phone. hopefully you have a recent backup to restore email, contacts and the such.
    do a search if you need more details on how to do a clean install.
    btw, i never install updates ota, simply because a broken connection can leave you with a bricked phone.
    good luck.
    01-09-12 07:51 AM