1. lauriebb's Avatar
    I recently purchased the 9900 on ebay as new, unlocked and unbranded as a much needed upgrade from my 9300. It arrived yesterday and it is a joy to use, the keypad is really something wonderful. However, I noticed after a while that when scrolling up with the trackpad, my thumb is often caught on the ridge between the screen and the navigation buttons. It's sharp and uncomfortable and I also notice that the navigation panel is pretty loose and quite loud. Unfortunately the seller on ebay is not offering returns and although the phone was boxed and sealed, never used, I wonder is there any possible way that I can fix this issue. Obviously I have no idea where the phone was originally purchased from but hopefully there is some way that it can be resolved, especially after spending 400 on it.

    Any help is much appreciated. Thanks!
    11-01-11 08:39 AM