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    Hi guys,
    I have a problem with my 9900 and I could reallu appreciate any help.
    To be more specific although my signal bar is full and the green area light is blinking I cannot make any call (call failed) or receive any, as it seems to the other party that my phone is switched off.To correct that I have to turn off all radios and turn it back on.But the same problem may occur multiple times during the day.
    I am running .585
    Thanx in advance
    01-09-12 02:36 AM
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    insert you BB simcard in other device and see if you can make/receive calls.
    put another simcard in your bb and see if you can make/receive calls.
    if this fails then backup data and install OS again (without lot of shrinking).
    see if problem persist..
    if yes, take it for replacement.
    hope this helps.
    01-09-12 02:44 AM
  3. hpantes1's Avatar
    Hi Infinus and thank you for your help.
    Will do so and keep you posted.
    01-09-12 02:54 AM
  4. cooljatt18's Avatar
    most probably a problem with your network operator probably an outage etc.. as suggested check your sim card in some other handset and see if the problem still persists.
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    01-09-12 09:13 AM
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    I have seen numerous accounts that the 9900 has better reception than the iphone. I have them both and while i definitely dont have much problems at all with my 9900 i do notice in in its usually 1 bar less than the iphone. If the iphone shows 1 bar (when i normally notice it the most) my 9900 has no service, and yes the iphone will make calls, generally not very good ones but does call out. And thats all across the board on edge ,but i will have 5 bars on the 9900 showing 4g and the iphone4 showing 2-3 bars on 3g sometimes to. Now does the 9900 indeed have a better 3g-4g radio and a slightly weaker 2g radio or do i have a defective 9900?

    Here is a link of someone having better reception on the 9900 than the iphone4s
    02-11-12 04:39 PM
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    Ok well right now I'm in a area where my 9900 is showing 3-4 bars 4g and my iphone4 is bouncing between 1 bar 3g to 2-3 bars edge and if I hold it down inside my service truck covered in my hands it goes to 1 bar GSM . Doing the same the 9900 goes to 3 bars GSM. If I switch the 9900 to 2g it goes to 2 bars Edge.
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    02-13-12 09:07 AM
  7. KodyShadow's Avatar
    I'd say it's the 9900 that has a defect. I am on my 3rd 9900 with Rogers since they launched in late Aug 2011 and they all do this. Makes no difference which OS 7.0 I am using, but I have not tried leaked one because I only ever use official. No 7.1 from Rogers yet...............
    02-13-12 09:24 AM