1. davidb55's Avatar
    More to report on my UMA-less 9900.

    I still have my 9700 (OS6), and as I have no coverage this weekend, I thought I would put the new SIM I got with the 9900 into the 9700 to make calls.

    No go. The menu in 'Mobile Options' is SIM dependent! With the new sim there is no option to select WiFi only/ Wifi preferred/ Mobile network preferred/ Mobile network only. Interesting.

    How does that work? When Orange want to implement UMA will I need a new SIM?

    10-09-11 12:43 PM
  2. richiec85's Avatar
    It can't be the sim mate, I work for CPW and we give out the same orange sim regardless of phone (iphone being only one different and prepay & postpay sims are different too). It just might be that you have to 're-enable' uma though your engineering screen on your 9700.

    UMA is software based(rom/os) to the best of my knowledge as it can be implemented on other smart phones on the orange network i.e. some android phones, as long as the phone has wifi.
    10-09-11 01:29 PM