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    So this starts at launch date I grabbed one and like everyone else thought the qwerty
    Keyboard was the best in the business and I still think that. Initially I had battery problems
    With fast drain but after a bit it got better, it has been said if you pull the battery 5 times
    In a row over time afetr that it will get better the jm1 battery needs to be
    Broken in.

    I then went and started looking around at the os and options I had as you may know
    A phone that can't access bank sites for me is fail! 9900 had no problems there
    I heard about the camera complaints auto focus eh yes/no importance
    I have had no problem taking photos

    But I do see the point for those who want extreme closeups of things that are
    Too small for the human eye lol sure other devices have good cameras with
    Auto focus and the 9790 has it too lol

    Sound quality I have listened to music with my 9900 and its kick fidelity sound
    I don't care what the iphone sound quality is, and for that matter its not that good
    I have owned iphone 4,4S so I do know what they are like I prefer the BB

    User interface is second to none its so well integrated its effortless to do
    Almost anything, as good as the apps are on iphone, android their user
    Interface is total phoobar. I got tired of going in and out of an app just to
    Do something else

    BB accessories and experience so I like the style of the holsters, pods, and
    Other things available the made by BB line of products was a good idea
    And I think they should expand on that.

    I am hoping at some point the 9900 style is ported to QNX I don't think
    This device will get the update...

    So long, then short is this is a quality device and as good as other devices
    May be there is nothing out there that has the integrated experience that
    The blackberry 9900 has. The apps are short rigjt now but most things ar
    Covered as for the social networking and communication , utilities though
    I had this notion the 9900 is like a posh leather couch you kind of just get into it
    And never want to get out

    I tried other devices like iphone 4,4s, BB 9790 lately I missed the power
    And comfort of the 9900, not to mention the world class qwerty keyboatd

    I know this was run on, but it was so easy to type

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    01-11-12 07:35 AM