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    So i debated posting this little story simply because it basically makes me look like a dumb dumb, but my friend insisted that i post it here. The reason i caved in and decided to post this is simply because of so much of the hate im seeing about RIM/Blackberry/9900. I figured that if many people think RIM has gone downhill, and lacking in certain software aspects, I might as well help explain how their Hardware is still top notch. So here is a somewhat condensed version of the story.

    Thanksgiving day, (IN CANADA) my family decided to visit my grand parents in their home town about two hours from us. It was a beautiful day. Sun was out, leaves were beginning to turn, it was fall. I was enjoying a conversation with my father while sitting in the back seat of his car. We were traveling down the highway at approximately 120-130 km/h. a buzzing noise caught my attention, as i turned around and saw a hornet was behind my head, in the car, now, im not scared of hornets, but i feared i may have an allergy to its sting (another long story, not important) As usual, i had my Blackberry in my right hand, a brand new 9900 with not ONE scratch, mark, scuff. The hornet flew in front of my face, so i rolled down the window to let it out. the hornet held with all its might the little rubber flaps that the window disappear into on the door. I began to blow on the hornet, still no letting go. My last resort, use my berry to flick the hornet out the window...

    My phone flew out the window, i watched as it bounced, tumbled, slid, down the highway, and numerous cars began to drive over top of my phone. it was gone. after a a brief yelling fit, the car was pulled over. I ran, fast, hard. over a kilometre down the highway, sure enough was my berry sitting face up, no more than 1 foot off the shoulder line. car tires were literally within a foot of driving over this phone. it was honestly my lucky day. I picked it up, and immediately messaged my friend (whom i was having a conversation with) explaining what just happened. EVERYTHING WAS FINE! The phone had two decent marks on the steel casing, and naturally a few marks on the back side, but honestly, looks like typical wear and tear, i may have dropped it once or twice. i was amazed. I began to search ebay for new bezels or casing, but thought to my self, im going to sport these war wounds so that if anyone ever asks, i can tell them that RIM makes the best and most solid phone out there. Two weeks before this, i sold my iPhone 4 to buy this berry. If that were my iphone that went out the window, i probably would have said nothing and just drove home. I am certain that it would have been destroyed.

    So there you have it, RIM makes a very durable phone. I know, i was a stupid person for trying to flick a hornet out the window with my phone. Very dumb, but it only helped prove my love for this device. Thank you, RIM, for adding that extra bit of glue to my phone, keeping it intact.
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    I highly doubt a phone going out the window would survive with only the damage you describe.
    10-31-11 12:51 PM
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    Well, i don't know why i would lie about this... you know spend the time to write this up and all... But if you would like i can take a picture for you?? would that make things better?
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    10-31-11 12:54 PM
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    Awesome! How was the screen?
    10-31-11 12:59 PM
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    Man, screen was mint, the entire front of the phone was mint. i kid you not. I just took come pictures, all the marks are on the back of the phone.

    But i still have no idea how to upload pictures. I haven't used CB in a long long time.
    10-31-11 01:01 PM
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    there is NO WAY. +1 for BB
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    10-31-11 01:06 PM
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    Man, screen was mint, the entire front of the phone was mint. i kid you not. I just took come pictures, all the marks are on the back of the phone.

    But i still have no idea how to upload pictures. I haven't used CB in a long long time.
    When you post a reply (full reply, not quick reply), there's a section right below the text field that says "Additional Options". You'll see a section that says "Attach Files". Click "Manage Attachments" and upload a file. Once it's done uploading, close the Manage Attachments pop up window and the file will automatically post when you submit your reply.
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    Or, http://forums.crackberry.com/tips-ho...um-post-41582/

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    Images are the images.

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    WOW!! that 'little' damage on an uncased bb is amazing!

    Im NOT SURE if this will help but you can lightly sand the alumminum with very fine sand paper and then follow it up with neverdull. That should clean it up some.

    The back battery door you can buy a new one to replace it.
    10-31-11 02:53 PM
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    Great Post OP
    10-31-11 03:17 PM
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    Yikes! I'm actually impressed that it wasn't destroyed by a car running over it. Thanks for sharing

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    10-31-11 03:32 PM
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    I guess it me....but I find it hard to believe that a device going out of a car window at 72-78 mph (the Op's 120-130kph reference) only has that much damage - unless it went into the grass or some other area instead of hitting the actual road.

    Your lucky, OP.
    10-31-11 03:41 PM
  14. T
    Terrific story! I like the wear and tear. It's very "sabi."

    Wabi-sabi - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    10-31-11 03:45 PM
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    Thanks everyone. I was completely shocked. the battery door is definitely the worst, but on the casing just around the door, and the camera plastic has a few gashes.

    @ibcop - Yah it is deffinitly hard to believe, but no grass, all road. i wish i had been able to take a picture of where it was on the road when i picked it up. Anyways,
    10-31-11 03:47 PM
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    Maybe it just slide on its back (which is still impressive) but there's no way it got ran over by a car
    10-31-11 04:05 PM
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    Awesome story, lol, I just took a shower and had my 9900 fall about 3 ft and I spazzed, now reading this I might feel just a tad bit better about a small fall. I read a story about a mother who just bought her Iphone 4S and it dropped about 5 ft and shattered, she was so depressed while explaining how her son hit her hand the first day she got it and bam, phone gone.
    10-31-11 04:07 PM
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    Maybe I don't need my Otterbox Defender after all?
    10-31-11 04:08 PM
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    Maybe it just slide on its back (which is still impressive) but there's no way it got ran over by a car
    NONON i didn't say, or mean to say ran over with its wheels, it went under cars, i saw it disappear under the car that was behind us, after that i have no idea what happened
    10-31-11 04:13 PM
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    Hahaha yah, and when i got this phone, i convinced myself that i didnt need a case! i almost got that case mate one that has stainless on the back. im usually anal about scratches... lol this is kinda a treatment situation for me.
    10-31-11 04:15 PM
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    Ok yea that's way more believable lol
    10-31-11 04:18 PM
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    Those pics are painful to look at but I'm glad it survived for ya!

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    10-31-11 04:25 PM
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    Battery doors can always be replaced. The most important thing is that the screen didn't crack or get too scratched (or in your case, not scratched at all.) Well, actually the most important thing is that the phone still works and you don't have any data-loss

    For the metal trim, try Flintz. It's a great paste to buff the scratches out and leaves a good polish. If you want to maintain the brush-metal looks, just use a regular non abrasive cloth and work only the areas with scratches. Then again if you want a mirror finish just take a dremel with a buffing tip and go to work. It works wonders on guns, so your BB would do just fine
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    10-31-11 04:28 PM
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    Just your lucky day. A lot depends on what angle and how a device falls down. And its true at 120 km/hr as well. Not saying that the 9900 is not durable, just that the situation you described, I would put that down to a huge dose of luck as no device is expected to survive that.
    As an aside, I should mention that my cousin's 9900's screen cracked when a Champagne cork (which I opened) hit the phone's screen dead centre.
    So between two improbable stories, one survived and the other didn't. Odds are same as a coin toss= luck.
    Regardless, yours was an exceptional story and bears repeating.
    10-31-11 04:39 PM
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    One of the posts I remember from my earliest days was an older one that had been lost by the owner while trudging thru deep snow.

    A couple of days later, the BlackBerry was found the hard way-by a snowblower that sucked it in and launched it.

    While the unit was mangled and unusable, the pics posted clearly show it was still powered up.

    My old 8330 spent 2 or 3 hours at the bottom of a sinkful of greasy, soapy water after our boys acidentally knocked it in. I revived it a few months back.

    Luckily, Fate was kind, and gave you a good tale to tell.

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    10-31-11 08:50 PM
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