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    I had till 15 min ago on my 9900 version 7.296 and now i went on 7.540 because of some problems.

    My gmail works EXTREMELY hard. I mean I receive an email and when i click on the notification it just freezes for 15sec or so after this showing me only the subject of the mail, the sender (details etc) but no message... After a couple of seconds/minutes when I enter back again to read the mail i can see it. And yes, I did send the service books.

    And the second problem is with my "normal" sounds. They don't work. No vibrate no sound.I tried checking at sound properties but they appear to be on. I had this problems with my previous version so thats why I decided to change ( among with the fact that with the previous version the battery lasted 4 hours without using the phone ).

    Even tho i did the upgrade I still encounter these two problems. Hopefully the battery will be improved. Can you please tell me what to do ?
    12-01-11 09:28 AM
  2. necw's Avatar
    I would really appreciate some advises at least for the mail problem. Also I discovered that the phone is hot even if I am not using the phone and it is in its case.
    12-02-11 05:08 AM