1. Procterboy's Avatar
    Hey guys, well I have put a lot of threads up regarding my 9900s problems lately. However my friends also have 9900s and we have all realized after the phone settles for a few weeks (breaks in a bit) it starts working great. The trackpad squeak is slowly going away (hurray btw ) and the laggy os has slowly gotten faster and less buggy. Has anyone else noticed this? Also for those who are complaining about bad battery life I went from charging my phone 2-3 times a day to lasting a whole day without replacing the battery or anything. I am getting way more enjoyable use of my bold as time goes by, do any of you bold users agree?
    01-14-12 10:52 AM
  2. chanpisan's Avatar
    Yes but not all,Mine the phone is fast since the first time and get better with the new os update (7.0.296-7.1.190) ,I have no problem with the trackpad ,and battery life is much better since .296 to now but it can't compare to others cause there are several factors ex.apps signal blah blah blah(running on7.1.190 for a week)I have pluged my device once a day with ligth to moderate use,I've got full signal all day
    I have zero issues since I've got the phone (3-4 months old)
    Glad you enjoy with your phone
    01-14-12 11:12 AM
  3. Procterboy's Avatar
    Thanks , ya its great that the battery life is getting better to lol.
    01-14-12 11:26 AM
  4. infinus's Avatar
    seems like your 99xx doesn't like taste of your battery,
    but for my 9900, battery is delicious meal..
    asks for twice in 24 hrs
    01-14-12 11:31 AM
  5. emirozmen's Avatar
    '' 9900 gets better with time '' True story bro
    01-14-12 11:40 AM
  6. Procterboy's Avatar
    Ikr my battery life is slowly getting better but I still wonder if I should replace the battery anyway lol
    01-14-12 11:43 AM
  7. BDLIVE4463's Avatar
    I've had mine for about 3 or 4 weeks now. Started out with a very squeaky trackpad, which is now mostly gone ( completely if I click the top part of the pad). After updating to 7.1 I feel like my battery life is better. I have quickpull set to run every night, so lag will never be an issue.
    01-14-12 12:41 PM
  8. fabio1's Avatar
    I can also confirm that the 9900 is getting better every week.

    I purchased 2 new phones in December, one for myself on T-Mobile and one for my Wife on Vodafone.

    Both have been updared to OS 7 540 and we are both very happy with the phones, I miss the extra battery life and of our previous 9780 phones, but comparing this with an Iphone 4S on OS5 and Google Android on 2.3, the BB 9900 is the best..........

    01-14-12 01:23 PM
  9. Procterboy's Avatar
    Ikr I'm very happy with my phone lol
    01-14-12 01:33 PM
  10. Procterboy's Avatar
    I haven't even looked back to my iphone or 9700 lol.
    01-14-12 01:38 PM
  11. jordan559's Avatar
    To me this is the best BB I have owned. It just gets better the more I use it.
    01-14-12 03:08 PM
  12. Procterboy's Avatar
    Ikr that's how I feel about it. Almost thinking of investing in aotterbox defender
    01-14-12 04:03 PM
  13. Steviecan's Avatar
    the phone works great.
    01-14-12 04:17 PM
  14. bllbored's Avatar
    Ikr that's how I feel about it. Almost thinking of investing in aotterbox defender
    just make sure you get the reworked defender...there were some issues with them at first, but i just got one from otterbox.com, and those issues have been addressed...the old ones are RBB2_990S-20-E4OTR, and the new ones are RBB2_990S-20-E4OTR_B...the holster has been redesigned so the magnet is essentially flush, and there's been some padding added under the chin piece and by the camera/flash
    01-14-12 04:24 PM
  15. Procterboy's Avatar
    Thanks, that's really gooo know about the remodel number cause I was worried about the phone getting scratched. That happened to my friends bb near the bottom
    01-14-12 05:13 PM