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    Hi all,

    I'm new to this forum and in fact new to blackberry. i used blackberry for the first time and this 9900 gave me a lot of satisfaction before it frequently freezes.. the phone didn't just lag but it went completely black often and i had to do a battery pull. without playing with the phone I wouldn't know it froze and i would be missing calls and msgs during that time, so i decided to follow the instructions to reinstall the os on my phone.

    i used bbsak to wipe my phone first, because the freezing problem did not stop after i simply reinstalled the os using apploader. however, after bbsak says "wipe complete", my phone went black and never came back on. i did battery pull, plug the device into the computer w/ and without battery, still no luck. the computer can't detect my device so i cannot reinstall the os. there's no red light whatever i do whatsoever.

    thing is... my frd bought me this phone and it's not under warranty apparently.. i don't know where i can fix it. (I'm in HK)

    i tried leaving the battery out for the night (so 12+hours) and still no luck.. anyone encountered this before? I really miss my phone..
    12-22-11 08:53 PM
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    there's no red light too when i plug into the charger.. the battery was full before the freeze. used this phone for less than a month only... wud appreciate it if anyone can offer some advice!
    12-22-11 08:55 PM