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    Hi there,

    I've reviewed this site extensively but I've not been able to find the problem I've recently faced.

    I had installed a 3rd Party app (from samsung) that caused my unit to lag, to i deleted it.

    my unit then started to behave oddly, emails not coming through, BBM just would not work, fonts not the size they should be, lagging, freezing. I've resolved all but one.

    from the home screen. where you can display your next calender items, the font is larger than it was previously. ive tried resetting the fonts, ive tried using others then reverting back to arial 7 but still the font looks like arial 12 bold. even if changing the font and size what is displayed here is much larger than it should be.

    ive even considered i have a virus (i push a lot of .docx and xlsx to my unit). so rather than install a third party, i hooked it up to my pc and ran avast on the device. non found.

    ive restored the unit (3 times) but still to no avail

    can anyone help? i'm using BIS if that helps. In the past ive had BB for business using BES

    also, ive tried all the resets lists. how can i fully clear my device and have it as 'out of the box'? is that possible. just starting again???

    Finally, in Third Party Applications, previously there were three sections. I now only have Personalisation & Privacy or App World and Personalisation and Privacy or Search
    Many thanks


    Blackberry Bold 9900 7.1 bundle 2061 Orange UK
    12-12-12 06:57 AM
  2. torrado Williams's Avatar
    My friend is having same issue, can any one give solution??
    12-12-12 08:22 AM
  3. Diok_Mhf's Avatar
    what kind of restored did you do?
    12-12-12 08:29 AM
  4. trebuchet121's Avatar
    what kind of restored did you do?
    hi thanks for a very quick reply.

    ok reset wise, i soft reset, double soft reset and whipped out the battery. also cleared the log (thanks crackberry for the alt+ l g l g tip).

    i have my unit set for backup over wifi which it performs weekly. my first restore was from 2 weeks ago, the next 2 months ago and then the final one from my very first backup (assuming the unit was in its native build with no 3rd party apps).

    the restore was done via USB cable from the blackberry desktop manager, restore. is that what you mean? sorry im a little ignorant here. is there another type of restore? the unit is getting worse. i would ideally like to 'format and reinstall the OS and drivers' as i would on a PC. obviously this isnt a PC so i assume that may not be possible but i'd like to get as close as possible.

    any thoughts

    thanks again

    12-12-12 04:05 PM
  5. MaizerG's Avatar
    what 3rd party app did u installed that caused all that trouble?

    to wipe ur device, first back up ur data using desktop manager, search for the latest OS for ur phone and download it (u can find here at crackberry and the steps to install it), download "BBSAK" and press "wipe device" (it will erase the OS on the phone and all apps on it, except data from de flash memory).

    after restart, connect ur BB to pc, start desktp manager and follow the steps on how to install an OS on BB. done.

    Sent from my BlackBerry 9900
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    12-12-12 04:23 PM
  6. MaizerG's Avatar
    hope I wasnt too unclear in the explanation.

    Sent from my BlackBerry 9900
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    12-12-12 04:26 PM
  7. trebuchet121's Avatar
    Maizer, it was Samsung Chaton as a friend has a Galaxy and wanted me to try it out on my BB. I checked their site first for compatibility, no problems suggested. I also had a screen shot grabber, sorry but i dont remember the name. one of these two caused my problems.

    Many, many thanks for the details on wiping and rebuilding, they certainly make sense. I'll give it a go tomorrow and reply with the results. Whatever the outcome (which I hope to report is good), I am so thankful for the help you have given. If in time I become a little more knowledgeable, I'll do my best to assist others too. This site is a life saver.

    12-12-12 07:25 PM
  8. trebuchet121's Avatar
    sorry, one last thing buddy...i'm a little nervous with wiping and ending up with a dead unit. i've browsed further on this forum with BBSAK as the keyword. one thread mentions - 'Connect it to desktop manager and have it load the device software from your carrier'....this information will be available from desktop manager? im in the UK with Orange
    12-12-12 08:00 PM

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