1. W4rl0ck's Avatar
    Let me know if anyone else has this issue;
    If you open the media folder and then open music; then close music by pressing the back button to go back to the media folder. At this point you can't minimize the media folder by touching "all" on top of the screen?

    You can go left and right and minimize those windows; but not the all section in the media folder.
    This seems to only happen if you open a program and the go back to the previous folder and try to minimize it.

    Its fixed by pressing the end call button.

    I have noticed this with other folders aswell, set up, applications.

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    10-07-11 10:05 PM
  2. Phill_UK's Avatar
    Have you ever been able to do this, on any OS version? If not, then it's a feature and not a bug.

    I've never even tried to back out of a folder by pressing All... that's what the back/escape button is for.

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    10-07-11 10:27 PM
  3. Fnord's Avatar
    I can confirm the bug on .353.
    As you said, once you back out of the music app you can no longer drop the tray by tapping 'All'.

    Guess since I never noticed I'll be able to live with it
    10-07-11 10:51 PM
  4. rrrebo's Avatar
    It doesn't seem to be a bug to me, but a choice to keep the interface consistent. The All panel is the Home screen, essentially. It reverts to All when you press End Call. It's like hitting the Home button. Then you minimize the tray. JMO.

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    10-08-11 02:54 AM