1. iamq's Avatar
    So... Time to pick people brains.

    My 9900 (which has been fine since I've had it)

    Take backup every week (at least) and it always finishes cleanly with no errors...

    Tried to update my phone twice from .714 to something higher (Tried .861) last night.

    OS loaded via loader.exe (Done this many times before so I'm good with the processes etc) generally do NOT wipe the device before an upgrade, and generally do a FULL restore back to the device once upgraded...

    Now he's where I need people to have a think. The last update I tried to .8xx went fine and restored fine - however after the reboot the phone lost its phone function. (The phone icon went from the home screen, couldn't receive a call or access anything call related) - After a fight with my BES server I managed to downgrade the phone & restore to .714 and all was fine.

    Tried the same thing again last night with .861 - update went fine BUT when it restored the backup to the phone I got an error on the phone saying the backup may be corrupt and to try again (Yet this was a fresh backup from that evening which completed without error)
    Anyway - at this point I tested the phone - and it was a phone with everything working (or so it would appear)

    I then did a reboot - everything started up (and quite fast too) however after that reboot my phone was no longer a phone again.

    After many wasted hours of my life including selective restores to the device etc I was unable to find out what was 'corrupt' and what caused the phone to not be a phone.

    I then did a wipe of the apps and a re-load of .861 - the phone was once again a phone. Restored parts of the backup file, rebooted and guess what - no longer a phone and keep getting the error about my backup(s) may be corrupt.

    After much messing about I was able to get the phone to work as a phone - I just didn't have half my stuff restored, no email and default device settings - which is useless to me.

    I also removed all 3rd party (and some native apps) which didn't help, nor did it resolve the phone not being a phone problem.

    In the end I downgraded the phone back to .714 and tested with only minimal apps and stuff on there - as expected it worked as it always did and was a phone again.I then restored my 'good' backup only to get the same 'this backup may be corrupt' error (Which I've *NEVER* had on .714 before) Thought to myself lets see what happens post reboot.

    Guess what - rebooted and the phone was all working still, it was a phone, all my apps worked and everything. Took backup again (from a supposedly broken restore from the device) and it worked fine with no errors from desktop manager or the device.

    As things stand without trashing my phone and pulling all my contacts, settings messages etc back in fully by hand or from scratch would cripple me. At this point I'm unable to update to *ANY* .8xx OS version as the phone function breaks.

    Anyone got any ideas thoughts etc on the matter? I'm waiting for o2 UK to release a version of .8xx at some point as I will at least be able to take the issue up with them once its been carrier released & supported.

    02-28-13 12:35 PM
  2. Legal Eagle's Avatar
    Had the same corrupt message when doing a restore earlier today, however, everything was OK, all data was present and correct.

    This was my second OS load of the week, and I had no issue with the previous restore which I had done only 2 days earlier.

    Both times I was installing a Hybrid over a .861 base.

    Didn't have the OP's issue of losing the phone icon though, and am on BIS rather than BES.

    No error reported when doing the backup same as the OP

    As an avid Hybrid user I am well versed with the OS install process and have never seen the corrupt backup file message ever before.
    02-28-13 01:09 PM
  3. iamq's Avatar
    And just to save any confusion or what not. My primary service is via BIS I also have a BESx connection to my test server at work.
    02-28-13 02:09 PM
  4. jrocke0w0's Avatar
    Just did an software update ota and got the same corrupt file message. Not sure how it has affected me so far as I just finished the update 2 hours ago but its the first time I've got it myself. My phone still works so I guess that's good. Kinda strange tho. I'll follow this thread to see what's what.
    03-02-13 04:00 PM
  5. iamq's Avatar
    A good news story - I managed to upgrade the phone to .861 - got the corrupt backup message right after it rebooted into the new OS. Did a full wipe and a selective restore of my backup - all working and looks to behave its self for the time being...
    04-23-13 02:14 PM
  6. deezy87's Avatar
    I believe that wiping helps with a more 'fresh' load. That's just me though.
    04-24-13 06:35 PM
  7. iamq's Avatar
    Never wiped pre or post load ever in my life on any of my phones.

    I've had to do a few factory resets to resolve BES issues but that's by the by.

    At some point I'll try an upgrade to .912 and see how that goes.
    04-25-13 12:30 PM
  8. deezy87's Avatar
    Hope everything works out!
    04-25-13 01:26 PM
  9. jwdd777's Avatar
    can anyone recommend what to do with a 9900 that has failed to update. It has a black screen and occasionally the red light will flash. The person I took it from has tried to reboot it unsuccessfully by the look of things.

    They have unsuccessfully tried to force detection of blackberry using this method by the look of it.
    Is it possible to totally wipe the blackberry and start fresh. Iv had a 9780 for a while now but would really love to get this 9900 going while I wait for the Classic. Any help greatly appreciated....

    btsc.webapps.blackberry.com/btsc/viewdocument.do;jsessionid=D7889B5600145A6701DF94B AEAAF20FC?externalId=KB10144&sliceId=2&cmd=display KC&docType=kc&noCount=true&ViewedDocsListHelper=co m.kanisa.apps.common.BaseViewedDocsListHelperImpl
    10-01-14 08:41 AM

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