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    Hello everyone,

    Im experiencing a problem, Now my apalogie in advance because English is not my native language,I will try my best to explain this to you as good as I can......

    Waking up in the morning, Wooptidoo another bricked 9900! Huray! Never been so grumpy in my life. or at least...It was restarting over and over and eventually ending up in an JVM error 545...
    Now, fixing this by reloading the OS.....and all was good...BUT!!!!......Now I cant seem to connect to the GSM network. tried A battery pull....Tried a hard reset. Nothing seems to work. What can I do?

    Thnx in advance,

    The Netherlands.

    p.s Going back to the store is not an option for me untill Im 1000000% sure that there is no other way, this because they always say ''Yeah, we have to send it away to have it checked out'' to have it sent back after 4 weeks drawing a conclusion on something I already knew the first day I walked into the store.
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    No one?! No one can help me?
    11-10-11 10:08 AM