1. Shekeese's Avatar
    Hello Crackberry world. Bold 9900 question here...and btw...this is THEE best phone I've ever owned. And by far the best Blackberry I've ever owned.

    Here's the question: is it possible to export my calendar to my desktop?

    Here's the deal: B/c of the Berry's awesome way of handling email, I have all of my email calendars on my main calendar. Works great when I have my calendar in Agenda view, because I can see what my entire day will look like from business to personal on all my calendars......................................... ......SWEET.

    Here's the deal though, I can only see this on my PHONE. It would be great if I could SHARE this "All Seeing" calendar with others or even export it as a file and print or email.

    Is this at all possible?? Absolutely love it on my phone....but can I share/export it??

    *crosses fingers*
    03-08-12 02:21 PM
  2. Fubaz's Avatar
    you can do a sync to outlook via desktop manager

    which program were you looking to share it with?
    03-08-12 03:19 PM