01-25-12 11:36 PM
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    See this is the biggest thing holding me back from buying a 9900. I usually dont buy phones from the carriers directly, i usually buy my cell phones off of CL or Ebay. I'm scared to death this will happen to me if I buy one off of CL or Ebay or even the CB forums.

    Has anyone successfully unbricked there 9900's?
    01-23-12 08:24 PM
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    -Side note-

    I had a HTC Touch Pro 2 prior to my 9700 (current phone) and it used to brink or ,get what fellow TP2 users called, the sleep of death. All you had to do was conduct a battery pull. I'm assuming that doesn't work for these 9900's?
    01-23-12 08:28 PM
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    I also have a bricked Bold 9900. Tried everything but the phone is completely dead. All data is gone. E-mails, photos, important company info. I bought it with a T-Mobile subscription and had to pay an additional 310. Here in Europe you have many BB users with the same issue.

    I have to wait 6 - 8 weeks for a repair or replacement. What I don't understand, I've looked all over BlackBerry.com and can't find any section to submit a formal complaint to RIM. I'm really pissed off at the fact that even if they have the biggest marketshare here in The Netherlands, they will make it almost impossible for a customer to make a complaint by phone or e-mail. This is definitely not the way you treat your customers.

    Why don't they just admit there is a major issue and get it replaced?
    Did you try removing the SIM and Memory Card, (if you have one), and putting the battery back in before trying to wipe and reinstall the firmware?

    1)Remove Battery
    2)Remove SIM
    3)Remove Memory Card if you have one
    4)Put the battery back into the phone
    5)Run BBSAK and do a Wipe
    6)Run BBSAK and do a Factory Reset

    NOTE: Reverse the Wipe and Factory Reset if you still have a dead phone.

    7)Install the latest OS available for your device, that would be for the 9900. The improvements in the firmware are not imaginary. Assuming a new OS will cause you problems without trying it is imaginary.

    NOTE: If you want to do a shrink, try doing it after the installation with the "Shrink My OS Live!" option in BBH-Tools.
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    I have not read this thread but was wondering if there has been any bricked 9900 charged using the dock or if it happens only to micro-USB charged ones. I use the dock exclusively and synch via wifi.
    01-24-12 01:38 AM
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    I promised i would follow up on my gf's 9900 so here I am.

    I loaded 7.1.205 on her phone about a week ago and phone was over charged on multiple occasions and has not bricked/nuked yet so it looks like 205 has this issue taken care of. However there are problems with sending and receiving SMS/MMS and loss of network service in areas where phone was getting 4-5 bars with 7.0 OS.

    looking forward to official 7.1 and hope that all these glitched get fixed up.
    01-24-12 09:36 PM
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    I never charge my phone overnight because the power goes up to well over 160 VAC here at night...

    I have been told by a cousin of a friend of my sister's mother's grandfather's brother in law by marriage who works at his cousins factory for his brother who knows a guy who works at some friend's place who knows someone who's sisters uncle's son in law who works at RIM, that that's what bricks phones.

    If anyone wants to test this theory, it's easy and here's how:

    1) Unfold two medium size heavy gauge paper clips - and place one deep in each side of the 110 volt wall plug with at least one inch protruding from the plug.

    2) With your 1st finger and thumb on each hand...(wet hands and feet thoroughly 1st), grab each of the paper clips (make sure that you use a socket that's on all the time, not one controlled by a switch) and hold on tight for as long as you can.

    If you die, it's probably well over 160 VAC and if your phone were to brick, you wouldn't care because you'd be dead anyway.

    If you just get a good jolt, you can charge your phone overnight in that plug, because if it doesn't kill you, it probably won't brick your phone either.

    Hope this helps all those who DON'T charge their phone overnight because of their brickaphobia. If it doesn't help, it'll at least reduce the id!ot population and that's good enough for me.
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    well, i could only hope that the bricked-charging-overnight thing gonna catch you up soon... but then, i have a hunch that you'll only curse in silence and wouldn't share it here...
    01-24-12 11:16 PM
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    This subject came up in a Verizon store one day. The rep said something about absolutely do not use Motorola, HTC, or generic wall chargers with a BlackBerry, followed by something about minor shifts in voltage between a BlackBerry's draw vs the charger's output. Don't know if this applies or not. I stick with the OEM charger or OEM dock rather. Then again, I work midnights so my "overnight charging" is technically an "afternoon charging."
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    The lesson is; women and technology don't match.
    01-25-12 12:55 PM
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    well, i could only hope that the bricked-charging-overnight thing gonna catch you up soon... but then, i have a hunch that you'll only curse in silence and wouldn't share it here...
    Sure whatever you say - and I have a hunch you don't read much around here...or anywhere for that matter.
    01-25-12 10:03 PM
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    Except that devices have bricked w no apps loaded. Like CrackBerry Kevin's. He's suspiciously quiet about his 9900 now though after ut bricked twice on him. I'm assuming he doesn't use it anymore.
    He was using a white one in the CES vid where he bought that $500 clock app. (lol).
    01-25-12 10:11 PM
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    I don't think it's hardware related because some people where successful in reviving their 'bricked' device.
    By definition, if you can recover it, it is "nuked" not bricked. Right?
    01-25-12 10:12 PM
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    I ditched the OEM junk that came in the box. It sits on a Nokia AC-6U charger every single night. The Blackberry Unit had some problems using early builds where it would not fully charge. Even after this was solved by a newer OS the Nokia still provides a charge that lasts longer than that junk USB charger ever did. Others have reported better charging with older BB units like the folding blade type. Li-Ion & Li-Po batterys work better at a lower rate of charge and without fully draining the battery.
    01-25-12 10:14 PM
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    -Side note-

    I had a HTC Touch Pro 2 prior to my 9700 (current phone) and it used to brink or ,get what fellow TP2 users called, the sleep of death. All you had to do was conduct a battery pull. I'm assuming that doesn't work for these 9900's?
    Bricked is dead (like fried chicken). Over. Finito. Paper weight.
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    Bricked is dead (like fried chicken). Over. Finito. Paper weight.
    Have you ever seen a list of conditions/things to try, that people can use to diagnose the phone to see if it is indeed Bricked?

    Because without it we don't really know what people are saying accept that they are having a problem with the phone.

    Since the only consensous we have is "Its a software issue" and the fact we are all using the same software & Hardware than that would narrow it down to User Error, Batterys, Chargers or the Computers used for the load.

    Many people have posted solutions for a lot of problems that get associated with this Brick/Nuke issue but people don't go back and dig through the threads, they post a new one and perpetuate this whole ordeal.

    And then you have people who don't use newer Operating Systems but complain anyway. Who doesn't know owning a Blackberry requires some firmware updates? The same kind of people who never update Windows, Java, Flash, or Adobe because they like to say things like "I shouldn't have to do that".

    Or how bout the people who come to a thread where people are trying to help one another with this issue and this ding-dong feels perfectly comfortable telling everyone "you can skip step two if you like, that is totally unnecessary"???

    Or the ones I really like are the ones where people are trying to help them get on the right track and they come up with "do I have to do it that way?" I could save ten minutes if I just decided on my own that doing it another way won't screvv up.

    Maybe taking advice from people who don't have problems is the best way to go since all these "Brick" threads don't narrow down the problem, ever.

    There is only good advice and not so good advice.

    Anyone who presents a list of proceedures and claims it always works on every phone is a fool.

    I was forced to switch the method and order that I have been using on every 9900 OS until .190 came along and caused me a problem. I now do a shrink, If I wish to, after the OS is loaded. .190 wouldn't shrink first and then load properly.

    Believe everything you read and assume cutting corners will save you so much time. It won't be the rest of us you are fooling.

    Install Secunia PSI on your PC and let it do a scan. It will help you get your computer up to date.
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