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    I have a Bold 9900, purchased from Rogers, unlocked and my wife uses it in Norway on the carrier NetCom.

    Have had the phone since October 2011 and working fine in Norway.

    Came home to Canada for the holidays. The BBM messeges and internet was working fine the first 2 days in the country while roaming. Then we did not notice exactly when but BIS stopped working. We thought it was because we were driving for many hours and that the cell towers in the areas were not supporting data.

    Arrived in next community and BIS (BBM and internet) still not working. Family that has other BB devices in the same place do have their BIS working.

    Connected on wifi and BBM and internet worked. However I checked under the option area and it says BIS is NOT conenected (even though BBM works over wifi).

    Called NetCom back in Norway and they said according to their records the roaming was active and the BIS was active. So we decided to leave it until we returned to Norway.

    Then after 1 more week the Bold 9900 experienced an issue and a white screen with JVM Error 517 was displayed and the phone would not turn off. It just diplayed this screen over and over.

    I had to connect the phone to my PC, connect with BB Desktop Software and relaoded the OS on it. Currently have OS 7.0 bundle 2406 (v7.0.0.585).

    Device rebooted, phone connected to the wireless carrier in area (currently BELL) and we can make calls and recieve sms messaged. Connected on wifi and we can get on the Internet.

    Now however BBM will NOT work over wifi or cellular. I have (via wifi) set up the BB ID and connected to app world and can browse new apps inside of app world, and can even start a new app download but new app downloads wont finish, but BBM will not work.

    Checked options again and it still shows BIS is not connected.

    Checked the Host Routing tables. There is no list - all empty. I clicked register now. No affect. Tried 5 times and wiating hours and still nothing.

    Tried service book push. Does not work.

    Called NetCom again, they put me through to TrigCom (their partner that carries and support the BB devices) and they checked the account/phone number and they said the roaming is active, BIS is active and they initiated a new Service book push from their end.

    I pulled the battery and retried. Still nothing.

    I ran a diagnostic test on the carrier (under mobile network selection). It states:
    Radio Data activation: No
    Signal level: unknown
    Radio access: unknown
    network: unknown
    ip address: unknown
    BB regisration: abort
    connected to BB: abort
    BB pin-pin: abort

    I seem to be out of options. I can not get BIS to work on this phone at all.

    Can someone help please?

    01-06-12 09:48 AM
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    Did you post the same thing not that long ago.

    In your Mobile Network settings, it should be Data Services On and While Roaming ON.

    That is probably your issue
    01-06-12 11:44 AM
  3. Chaotic_Cannon's Avatar
    I have tried that combination of settings as well.

    That does not work. I was using the settings you posted for the last day after the OS reinstall. Still no effect.
    01-06-12 01:58 PM
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    i think i have experienced something similar these the last few days. i travel a lot and change sims and bb networks and roam and never had a glitch - until a few days ago. had internet but blackberry internet service as 'not connected' so no email and bbm.

    i did everything from reregistering host routing tables and removing the battery and even almost wiping but stopped that when i put my sim in another blackberry - same issue. put a friend's sim in mine and it worked fine. difference with my case than yours though is that my host routing tables were not empty but service push scenario is the same.

    only a knowledgeable service rep after many calls and explanations did what i had been telling them and it's logical fix - it's a specific network problem with my sim number and thus my number and pin needs to be reset.

    an hour later - fixed
    01-10-12 08:08 AM
  5. Chaotic_Cannon's Avatar

    Exactly what did they do, or what can I tell NetCom so that they can look to fix that specific issue?

    I still have the issue and only today does the BIS work again, and ONLY because we are back in Norway. Even when we arrived in Amsterdam during transit between flights it did not work. I was hoping that at least European towers would work, but only Netcom towers now.

    When I call NetCom they dont seem to understand how to fix this. If you can tell me the topic title of the issue then maybe they can look into it at least.

    01-10-12 05:17 PM
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    basically what happened with mine was my sim and its number was just faulty. when i put another bb sim - same network or not - my bb and bis worked but my sim when put into any bb wont connect to bis. so it was just my particular sim and it's bis connection that was faulty. the network reset my pin and sim and it worked soon after.

    if your bis is now working then i would say you are now in the clear. i would suppose so as you can now connect to bis service. meaning - since you can now connect to bis your issues should be back to ground zero, ie none. i would like to assume that it was a 'rare' tech bug that affected you and me and leave it at that. if it replicates when you travel again, i would certainly bring it up again as then that would be blackberry issue with your particular network.

    with regards to your particular problem, if indeed when roaming it replicates, as i am assuming is what you are asking about, it could just be that your roaming network doesn't play friendly with your home network. if that is the case then there is not much you can do.

    i do believe however with the advent of bis development they have made the switching of sims and bb services almost flawlessly, but there is still a one off chance something doesn't work and hence the need to get the network carrier to assist.
    01-11-12 04:15 AM