1. PLTM's Avatar
    As everyone know already, BB9900 battery sucks big time until i notice something but would like Kevin and others with BB9900 to test and confirm for me.

    Since updating bridge yesterday I have notice a significant improvement in my battery life. I am using my phone as I normally do on a daily basis which is phone calls, BBM and constant connection to my Playbook with internet browsing through bridge. Normally by this time 1:30pm, i would have already used up almost 50% of my battery life on my 9900. Today i pulled my phone off the charger at 9:30a as i always do daily when i get out my vehicle at work and at 1:30p today im at 90% battery life. Was the BB Bridge the cause of the batter drain?

    Kevin and others, please test this for me as i am feeling really good right about now about this.

    09-16-11 12:32 PM
  2. Frosty_Power's Avatar
    No issues with me but did update bridge and continues to have good battery life.

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    09-16-11 01:16 PM