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    I think this comes from a fear of damaging my beloved 9930, but the specs for the new 9900/9930 say "3.5mm stereo headset capable"

    Does this mean that if I am using it to listen to music I can plug in any music headphones and it won't damage it?
    10-20-11 04:24 PM
  2. EvilmasterMMA's Avatar
    Yes, you can use any 3.5mm headphones for listening to music. And no you will not damage your device.
    10-20-11 04:53 PM
  3. ibcop's Avatar
    You can use any headphones that have the 3.5mm plug.
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    10-20-11 04:53 PM
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    Like the posts above said. I often plug mine into my 100 watt 4.1 computer speakers with an splitter for 2 stereo outputs. Played my 8330 through the same system for years. Never a problem, "Rock On!"

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    10-20-11 10:15 PM
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    Thanks for the answers.

    IBCOP I'm liking your reply just for your signature.

    You can use any headphones that have the 3.5mm plug.
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    10-21-11 01:00 PM