1. wxmancanada's Avatar
    I got my 9900 back in early August and was running TELUS' stock, battery life sucked. I upgraded to .540 a month or so ago and got amazing battery life. The past four days the battery life has sucked, I'm down to 3% by 6pm. Not only that but the battery gets super hot within the last 20%.

    I have 3 spare batteries that I use with my 9900 and it happens with them all.

    No extra apps running, reloaded the software, checked the network log and there's no extra data going back-and-forth. Anyone else experience this?
    12-21-11 09:39 PM
  2. Gear85's Avatar
    I cant speak for the 9900 , but i have had experience with a 8530 that started to go bad and use battery(s)at a alarming rate........and also get VERY hot.
    you could have used it for a hand warmer! it just started one day, really for no reason.

    I ended up going in to my sprint store and getting a exchange/replacement phone.

    I'm sure its not the news you want to hear...........but I hope you are able to figure out your issue.
    12-21-11 10:10 PM
  3. sbx9900's Avatar
    Can you try another OS. There is a new official OS, .590 which you might want to try.

    I am still on .540, but i have never experienced the battery getting very hot, even after a very long call - about an hour.
    12-21-11 10:33 PM