1. Pete777's Avatar
    Hey All,

    Good to be back in Crackberry land. I left a year ago after leaving my beloved 9000 for an HTC Inspire Android phone. Back then I was convinced that RIM would never release a device like the 9000 but with beefed up memory, a trackpad and improved browsing. After they released the Torch (which I tried and positively hated) it seemed they were trying to reach into the touchscreen market (i.e. iPhone, Android, etc) and would get away from anything with a physical keyboard.

    Well, wouldn't you know - 6 months after I got my Droid, they released the 9900! So I am anxiously waiting for AT&T to release this phone - hopefully in the next few weeks.

    I have lots of accessories left from my 9000, many of which will not work with the 9900. However I have several holsters and a pocket pouch I'd like to use once I get the device. So I was wondering if the proximity sensor in the 9900 was in the same place as the 9000 so that the holster will put it into sleep mode.

    10-25-11 09:06 PM
  2. WrightWords's Avatar
    Yes! Use your old 9000 holster, the classy leather one. It holds the 9900 better than the included one. It needs a case, but that's not a bad thing - I have the Otterbox commuter, Kevin found the hardshell worked well. Both slide in snuggly and the 9900 shuts off.

    And the holstering is something that we can all use to extend battery life; it is one of the differences between Blackberry and other devices, if I am correct.

    As for the other 9000 accessories - there is a nifty 3 inch gadget from ShopCrackberry
    from ShopCrackberry that will let you use all those mini-plugged charging devices from the 9000 with the 9900 micro slot.
    11-13-11 03:54 PM
  3. John Yester's Avatar
    Yep, my daily driver is a 9930 in a commuter holstered in a 9000 holster
    11-13-11 04:30 PM