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    I've recently upgraded my OS to .540 (from .3 something I think) and seem to be the only person in the world who is experiencing worse battery life as a result.

    Everything I read indicates that people are experiencing massive improvements, and whereas previously I already had great battery life and didn't understand what all the problems were, I'm not making it though the day on .540 with moderate use - about a third or worse drain.

    Is anyone else finding the same?

    Orange UK, official OS
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    11-25-11 03:14 PM
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    I'm not too keen on the .540 battery life either, the stock .261 seemed better for me, I haven't done any tests but I'm only getting about 1-2 days max with very very minimal usage, well under a day if I really need it.

    I'm interested to see what the new 7.1's bring?
    11-25-11 04:48 PM
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    Same 10char

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    11-26-11 05:07 AM
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    How recently have you all upgraded to .540? It took about five days and as many charging cycles for mine to 'settle in' to a reasonable discharge rate. By reasonable I mean 1.4% per hour at idle and anywhere from 4-6% during moderate to heave usage. But trust me, in those first few days I was seriously scratching my head too.

    Two things I noticed that seemed to make the biggest difference:
    1: Check any apps that might use the GPS to find your location. BeWeather was my big draw, but there are others, especially those that may be polling or looking for updates frequently. I still have the general location finder on, but I turn it off in any apps that don't need it (basically everything except Poynt).
    2: a crappy wireless signal. For several days - conveniently right after I got my 9900 - a numer of towers near where I work were 'significantly degraded', and the alleged 4G service was horrible. I noticed many times during the day that the phone was running hot and draining the battery very quickly, like between 15-20% per hour or more. I changed the wireless setting to 2G and everything returned to normal. About a week later they must have repsired those towers, because I can leave it on 4G now, data speeds are good, and battery life is only marginally affected (I still have at least 40% battery left at the end of the day).

    I know that no two situations are identical and it could be something entirely different affecting some of you, but I hope this helps someone.
    11-26-11 05:46 AM
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    I experienced the same problem when i upgraded to .540 from .503 the battery life is really bugging me off. However, based on 18to7fiddy's post above i have disabled some of the fixmo tools which i think were using GPS functions. hope this will ease up the problem.
    11-26-11 10:23 AM
  6. andre3030's Avatar
    My battery time is the same. I came from 296.

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    11-26-11 10:29 AM
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    Thanks for the replies everyone, good in a way to know it's not just me and to have some suggestions. I gave it just over two days and then downgraded to .296 this morning - way better battery life, more than a day with heavy use. Think I'll try .540 again at some point soon and give it a bit longer now that I know I have an alternative if it doesn't work out, but interesting how people's experiences with the different OSs vary so much.

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    11-26-11 01:45 PM
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    540 beats all the others I've tried, from stock to 474 to 503. but 474 is very close to 540 from my experience. i agree with above post - 5 days it takes me before the battery settles in for some reason.
    11-26-11 08:38 PM