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    I have been wondering what was causing the 9900 to run through the battery so much more quickly than a 250Mah smaller battery would suggest should occur. I thought back to what I thought was happening on an Android phone I owned a few months back on which the battery drain seemed out of proportion to what I was asking the phone to do. The 4g radio or its software seemed responsible then as well, as any time I disabled 4g not only did battery life increase as expected, but it last so much longer that the increase did not make sense.

    Well, for the last couple of days I have kept the 4g data on my Bold off, using only EDGE, and the result has been impressive. The 9900 is lasting much more than double the amount of time that my Bold 9000 did on the same network using only 2g/Edge with similar use.

    To be more descriptive, I pulled the phone off of the charger at about 4:15am this morning due to a text from my girl, and did not put it back on the charger. Since I had been up all night kind of working and kind of playing I slept until 9:30am. I did not touch the phone much during that time except for maybe one or two messages from her. It was still at 100%. It is now 3:40pm and the battery shows 73%. I have been texting and emailing pretty heavily today along with two calls that lasted well over 40 minutes combined. There is no doubt that I will have no need to plug the phone in to make it through the full day.

    When on 4g however, taking the phone off of the charger at 2am one morning and waking around 8am I found the battery had dropped to about 80%, all on standby with zero use from me. 4G is certainly more power-hungry but not to that extent. In normal use like today I would have already seen the battery at 40% or less and felt compelled to recharge it. People talk about hd bad Android is on power consumption but my HTC Sensation lasts MUCH longer tan this wth the 4g on and much more synchronization occurring.

    I really think that the code for the radios is probably written poorly or the 4g radio itself is more of a power hog than it should be. I wish there ws an option to manually select 4g only to see if maybe it is switchin back and forth too much... But it shouldn't be. My coverage here is excellent.
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    09-28-11 03:46 PM
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    I have T-Mo as well. If I leave 4G on all day, my battery will be down to 15% by 1 pm, & it was taken off the charger @ 6am. But if I keep it on EDGE & use the wifi for browsing, I can have 50% left by 11 pm.
    09-28-11 04:42 PM
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    Ive known this for a while now... i pray they make a 3G option soo i dont have to use the sketchy 4G network...
    09-28-11 04:53 PM
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    yeah me too, that's why 95% of the time (and i've been doing this with my previous devices, 9000/9700/9780) i rely on the GPRS/EDGE network + wifi (indoors), BUT i notice, with the BB7, it seems that the wifi doesn't take too much battery juice compared to previous OS-es, which is really good if you keep your wifi on standby, instead the battery life is more conserved with wifi rather than having the 3G/H+ or the dual mode.

    great move from RIM, perhaps they've learnt about it from the QNX on PlayBook?? however yeah.. we need more firmware releases, we need a better battery life with your software tweaks, come RIM BRING IT ON!!!
    09-28-11 04:59 PM
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    Ive known this for a while now... i pray they make a 3G option soo i dont have to use the sketchy 4G network...
    Well, with T-Mobile and AT&T, until they move to LTE their 3g is the same as their 4g. There is nothing to switch between. They have simply relabeled a faster version of the same product/service.
    09-28-11 05:27 PM
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    You're either on Edge or H+ you won't have a "3G" option because H+ is basically 3.5G. T-Mobile's marketing is pretty thin when they claim 4G. Granted I'd take any boost I could get in speed but the battery trade off is way too much. With Verizon's LTE phones you have 1x (2G), 3G & LTE (4G). AT&T and Sprint are moving to LTE. Verizon's LTE network is pretty widespread at this point. T-Mobile seems to be sticking with H+ which is unfortunate.
    09-28-11 05:34 PM
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    T-Mobile has every reason to refer to their current HSPA+ as 4G since it is faster than the 4G Sprint has been bragging about and almost as fast as what Verizon offers in many places. Admittedly, Verizon's LTE IS faster. But, since my G-Slate sees 6-10Mbps in normal use I think they should use the term to indicate to consumers that they are offering a similar service. It is inaccurate according to the definition in use at the time most of the carriers started using the term but they can't afford to give up too much of a competitive advantage.

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    09-28-11 05:47 PM