1. Bmoc009's Avatar
    Not trying to flame blackberry. But i woke up this morning and saw a jvm error thing and find out my phone bricked overnight. My first device couldnt hold a battery charge and the bezel was unaligned. This phone also had its speaker blown but i was just going to live with it until closer to the 1 year warrenty being up. This same thing happened with my 9700, i went through three of them. Its embarrasing to tell my parents (who jizz to iphone) and my friends (who jizz to droid) that my broke yet again. I will always defend blackberry but gosh this stuff is annoying. how many of you have had these problems and gone through more than one device? Am i just cursed? (sorry about the typing, coming from bluetooth keyboard from my playbook before i drive to att)
    02-02-12 10:47 AM
  2. undone's Avatar
    Sorry to say, I had no real issues (that I didnt do myself) with my Storm 2 or my current 9930.

    Tho at the end of my Storm 2 I did drop it in a way that crack the glass something good. But a little scotch tape and it was still working.
    02-02-12 10:56 AM
  3. m12k1177's Avatar
    i think you've just got really bad luck. but no worries, bc the fourth will be a charm.
    02-02-12 11:23 AM
  4. Bmoc009's Avatar
    att told me they could send me one in 3-5 business days since its "too new" to have in the repair shops. They also said they couldnt send it to a different address than what is listed on my mom's account. So itll be shipped to NY then ill have to pay to get it shipped to florida....oh and when i went out to my car today someone had hit it and ran this morning! great day....
    02-02-12 03:09 PM
  5. fryk's Avatar
    I am on my 3rd att bold 9900 since Nov 6. 1st one bricked after overnight charge. 2nd one would screen freeze during You Tube menu of videos( try to use the "back" key after end of video) and its stuck/ frozen. It would reboot with a battery pull and all would be fine.Finally it froze and wouldn't reboot with a battery pull(black screen flashing red led).With my 3rd Bold now when I use You Tube, I shut the phone down every once and a while, it hasn't screen froze for a while. Watching You Tube is the only time I get a screen freeze. Anyone else had this?
    02-02-12 03:46 PM