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    Recently on the then brand new 9900 I activated my regular email that is associated for my BIS account and also added another 2 email accounts.
    The only thing was that the push/ instant BB email were not as quick as there were when I used to have just the one account. It would normally with just one account take and insant to get the same email sent to me and with another 2 accounts takes about 20/30 seconds. I know it is no big deal but just wondered if it should still be instant?
    01-10-12 06:55 PM
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    i have 9 accounts that push to my bb. i wouldn't worry about it too much if it were just 20-30 seconds delay. 7 of them come in instantly or delay up to 30 seconds at times.

    one of them, a pop account, delays a consistent 15 minutes.

    my @me account delays up to 5 minutes usually
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    01-11-12 04:22 AM