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    I am on a Indonesian network (Telkomsel) and I can configure my Blackberry BIS configuration through telkomsel.blackberry.com

    However, on my phone, I can configure that too through Email Accounts under Setup.

    On my older 9800 or the 9700, both the phone configuration and the web-based configuration are linked. This means if I use my phone configuration, I could see that all my accounts that I created through telkomsel.blackberry.com.

    However on the 9900, its seperated.

    This lead to three questions.

    1. If I would to configure directly on my phone, would changing to another SIM card means that I need to revalidate my e-mail accounts?

    2. How do I link the phone and web-based BIS service together?

    3. If I configure my BIS service on my Blackberry and if I use migrate to another blackberry device, how would my e-mail configuration be moved to the new Blackberry?

    - Charles
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