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    Okay so i've looked and looked and it seems like no one else has this problem but me! I would appreciate your help!

    So I was able to get a Rogers Blackberry 9900 in August and it was never even used on the rogers network or with a rogers sim card. I unlocked the phone for 99 cents and brought it to Germany to use. I popped in my prepaid Vodafone Germany blackberry BIS sim card that I had been using with my old 9000. I entered in my blackberry ID and everything was transferred to my new 9900. I was even able to set up the Vodafone blackberry internet email @mobileemail.vodofone.de. So far, everything worked perfectly.

    But then, Vodafone Germany raised the price of their prepaid Blackberry BIS SIM card and it was actually a much better deal to use a T-Mobile UK SIM card and roam with it in Germany since they have an unlimited blackberry world roaming plan. So when I went to London, I picked up the prepaid SIM, enabled to tarrif, and all was good (despite have stupid login failures to make the device switch). Anyways, the sim card worked fine in the UK and great here in Germany.

    Now here's the problem. I deleted my Vodafone carrier email (@mobileemail.vodafone.de) so I could get a T-Mobile UK one. However, when I go to add a new account, I can only create a Vodafone one! Is that weird?? I went to the Vodafone and they were unable to help me!

    My HRT and Service books are all T-Mobile UK ones so I don't understand how I can still only register a Vodafone email address?

    While I don't mind the Vodafone email address, I would have really liked to have downloaded BBM music since it's released in the UK but I am unable to. I think this may have to do with the fact that somehow, my PIN may still be associated with Vodafone?

    *Note - this is all done on PREPAID sim cards. It was never registered on the Rogers Wireless Network if that helps.

    Thanks for your help!
    11-21-11 07:53 AM
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    It sounds like you need to call T-Mobile and see if they can help you.

    In regards to setting up the email, I don't think the email setup on the phone determines your country in regards to some of the services on AppWorld. It may be your BlackBerryID country/location that determines whether you are in the UK or Germany when AppWorld decides what you have access to. In addition, you may have to be in the UK to access the UK Appworld to get BBM Music.
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    11-21-11 08:00 AM
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    if you're on prepaid and using BIS, can't you just create a new account? have you tried going to T-Mobile UK's BIS site to create a new account? that way, you can determine if you're having issues with your device since you'll input both PIN and IMEI.
    11-21-11 08:06 AM
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    hey sorry for the late reply - I couldn't find the thread in my account.

    thanks for your responses!

    @snihead, I already tried locking into the T-Mobile BIS site and it says that I have to create the account using my phone!! I can't simply do it online.

    @robsteve thanks for your advice. I'll be going back to london on the 23rd so I guess i'll find out then.

    is it weird that i'm unable to sign into the T-Mobile BIS site at all? I just am unable to create an account! it's so annoying as I much prefer the web version (to set up OWA)

    the other weird thing is that I installed OS 7.1 on my 9900 and the mobile hotspot feature doesn't work even though t-mobile allows tethering for prepaid customers (i asked them on twitter support).
    11-27-11 02:12 PM
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    if you go into options-device-advanced-service books .. delete anything vodafone related. .. that should do the trick.
    11-27-11 04:03 PM