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    Blackberry Bold 9900 Initial impressions

    Build is absolutely fantastic I think, every where this has been highlighted. I have never seen a blackberry built so well and that too such light weight It fits in your palm really well, giving you a wonderful grip. The metallic band on the side gives a super professional look.

    However if folks here have fascination on the form factor of Galaxy S2, iphone should wait for Torch 9860 .. This is bold after all

    Keyboard This is the darling delight. The keys are silk smooth, unlike the 9780 keyboard which was tight in the beginning and only after usage it used to get smooth The keyboard spread out gives me an amazing typing speed.. Thoroughly enjoying the same

    Audio - Lot of friends here have asked me about the audio.. Well the speakerphone is better than iPhone 4 in my opinion.. Internal music quality as you hear in headphones not par with iPhone music manipulations
    Audio speakers are much much louder than Bold 9780. Small example, a ringtone set at volume 8 in 9780 is at par with the same set at volume 6 in 9900

    Screen resolution - Good , crisp and bright.. additional backlight around the trackpad is also very very nice

    Camera - Disappointing.. Bold 9780 used to take better pictures with Auto Focus. This one does not have AF but has Image Stabilization.. not sure whether I am getting any advantage either.. Has built in Scene modes.. but am not sure, why AF got eliminated. I have not taken many pictures though and will not take either on Bold.. So neglecting for now Not a setback for me in usability, but definitely from a possession perspective..

    Overall performance - Very snappy .. Credit goes to the 1.2 GHz processor.. at least you will feel the difference in speed.. touch is very responsive and you will understand that a 1.2 GHz processor is working behind .. smooth touchesgood scrolling

    Browser - Has more functionalities than OS6 on account of additional touch.. but whether the browsing speed has improved because of browser enhancements or the processor working behind is too early to tell.. Pinch to zoom works fine absolutely .. but i have seen slight checkerboards while pinch to zoom overall not at all hampering usability..

    Software This is nothing but refined OS6, with icon improvements. People who are already in OS6 would take few minutes to get at ease

    Software is buggy it does not freezes or hangs, but I have faced two random reboots in last 20 hours One while i was in BBM and another while I was composing an email .. both the time after reboot i checked event logs and i could see JVM errors planning to upgrade the Vodafone DE OS today night

    As per PMans thoughts, I think this is a software problem and will get rectified over a period of time

    The inbuilt OS of Redington is 261 and application memory left is 190 MB .. Now this is slightly a matter of concern??? Well I see there are lots of languages installed in the OS and all Asian languages.. Am planning to uninstall all those and see how much i gain If I get to 220, I should be fine hovering around 180 free space after my installations.. Well i dont any install 100 apps, I install only those which i use.. So lets see..

    Even in a 768 MB available App memory, getting 190 MB free for your apps, only indicates that touch screen software is taking a lot of space and also additional is the NFC drivers Some of the apps which comes pre-installed are

    Facebook, twitter, bb maps, docs to go premium, bb protect, yahoo msngr, gtalk, msn mngr, smart tags

    Packaging - RIM has done a cost cutting here. All folks here will know that RIM used to give various PIN connectors inside retail boxes (UK, US, INDIA), I found them always handy on my overseas travel. This time they just gave the India PIN But then there also they have curtailed cost. There is USB charger and not separate wall charger The data cable goes to the charging plug through USB port and phone gets charged. This results in less clutter so some people may find it good ..So you have the data cable and wall USB plug unit (India Pins) and thats all
    Yes, the charging port is at the left side. Single convenience key on the right defaulted to camera
    LED indicator is like TORCH

    What else You wanna know???

    How I am feeling - Do we have any heaven more than the 7th level??? Does it compare with SGS2 and iPhone .. Well I dont compare apples and oranges.., they are two genetically different fruits so dont ask me that question.

    Reviewer - suvo.bhattacharya at gmail.com
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    08-22-11 10:07 AM
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    another great review
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