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    available for just $1 for your 9900 with gauranteed regular updates

    Available from Appworld right now

    Please note 9900 themes are curently in Beta, some items may be unskinned due to this, as soon as we can skin more we shall issue update.

    V1.1 is in Appworld now, V1.2 is awaiting approval in appworld.

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    12-08-11 11:56 AM
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    very nice
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    12-08-11 12:11 PM
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    nice addition
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    12-08-11 01:02 PM
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    Nothing for 9860??
    12-09-11 01:24 AM
  5. Spencerdl's Avatar
    Nice concept Nice color
    12-12-11 04:04 PM
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    Great start!
    A few more screenshots added to 1st post would be cool too.
    12-13-11 05:24 AM
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    ok, so i`v just uploaded a update to appworld, should be out in a day or so. includes the following:

    Battery meter now shows when charging
    bridge icon shows in banner
    nfc icon shows in banner

    and the following additional icons have been skinned:
    Docs To Go
    Social Feeds

    and the thing im most happy about? the sms icon in appworld is now skinned to match the theme. i have raised this with RIM many times, so sad because its such a simple fix.
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    01-01-12 10:29 AM
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    just wanted to let ya all know that V1.5 is (finally) accepted and available in Appworld. guessing the slight delay was due to the festive period

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    01-04-12 11:12 AM
  9. emirozmen's Avatar
    Good to see!
    01-26-12 11:49 PM
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    Look really really nice but I think its not with Mini Banner, for some reason am in love with mini banner themes
    01-27-12 09:47 PM