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    To this date, 4-21-2012, NO release of Theme Studio 7. That means, unfortunate, NO dash board interface ( Nova theme by Elecite was first class ). NO customized calling screen ( Hedone Design and Elecite was masterpiece ). So whats good in the Bold 9900 regarding themes?. Translucency on highlight color, dress to kill vanity at its best; Dark Fairy Theme by Krest Media Lab, Mini Bar Seven -Red by bbthemelab, Beat Green by Walker Themes, Glowing Leaves Theme by BBThemes Studio, Velvet by Elecite-big gorgeous icon plates, check out the photo-. Hard amazing work on the Bold 9900 themes?. Brightfull technical minds that pop up great themes no matter the NO release of Theme Studio 7; Entwined Classic and De-Nex7 by drkapprentice Designs, BeBlue Liquid by Julnt Desings- check the photos -. Consistency and devote work on the Bold 9900 themes?; Andro Noir and EN Digi Green7 by Raypho, Robotik by BBThemes. Do I like themes running free and fast on my Bold 9900?. Yes I do, so I bought and will buy Themes for my BlackBerry device.

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    04-21-12 08:59 AM