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    Volver by SamgbxDesigns

    It has been a very long time since I have designed & released a theme, so what better way to return, then to make Volver for the BlackBerry Bold 99xx. Volver (Spanish for return) is a default OS7 theme & like all of my past themes it comes with brand new, freshly designed icons (including some extra native icons for OS7 e.g. Bridge & Documents To Go). Volver also comes with a themed media player & brand new signal meters.

    If you have ever used a SamgbxDesigns theme, you will know that I design simple yet beautiful things. When you first activate the theme on your device you will see just that.

    Default OS7 layout
    Wallpaper friendly
    Brand New Custom icons
    Media player skinned

    Get Volver here...
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    very nice work
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    09-28-12 09:27 AM
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    Nice Work Sammy

    and welcome back.
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    Nice themes
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    09-28-12 05:18 PM