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    Thanks Earl_3 for testing....

    Custom LED notifications for
    -Missed Calls
    -New Messages
    -Hotspot Active
    -Battery Charging
    Linear Signal meters (Top for radio signal, bottom for wifi)

    Sliding Pop Up Notifications
    Sliding Icons on banner upon new messages
    Translucent menus
    Custom Battery
    Custom User chosen font throughout

    Download "Sector7" - BlackBerry App World

    here's another nice looking wall

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    02-14-12 06:24 AM
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    woow looking very neat, must be a classified theme haha. goodjob
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    02-14-12 07:00 AM
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    Bold 9930?
    02-14-12 09:02 AM
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    BlackBerry 9810
    BlackBerry 9900
    BlackBerry 9930
    BlackBerry 9981
    02-14-12 09:13 AM
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    XOXO te amo! Really great. Very smooth. V!
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    02-14-12 09:41 AM
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    On my version I don't see the charging and missed call in the upper banner as illustrated in the sample theme. Is there a probmem? I rebooted twice and several battery pulls. Please avise. V!
    02-14-12 11:02 AM
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    Even when you have a missed call ? or are charging ? It works fine here.

    Do the LED lights light up upon new call or message ?
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    02-14-12 11:14 AM
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    Sorry!!! Operator error. My badd. I figured out what I was doing wrong. I apologize. V!
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    02-14-12 11:17 AM
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    After (icons slide along with the charging pop up)

    no messages, no charging .

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    02-14-12 11:26 AM
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    Sorry!!! Operator error. My badd. I figured out what I was doing wrong. I apologize. V!

    Good, I was scrambling ...hehe
    02-14-12 11:27 AM
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    Your really pushing the bar on this one. What's next I wonder? There's some really cool stuff out there. Some better than others and you've definitely fallen into the better category.
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    02-14-12 01:11 PM
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    I just purchased this through App World for my Bold 9930 OS7. I Love it!!
    One request though? Because of the limitations on themes; mostly the inability to have a fixed Calendar preview, I use Widgets.
    That's where my "problem" comes in; due to the Wallpaper Widget, I lost the Original as soon as the theme installed.
    Can You Please Post, or Email, the Wallpaper you've used? I like the one you* have "featured" in the display?
    Thanks In Advance!!!
    02-16-12 05:56 PM
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    Now on sale for .99

    Happy Family Day !

    added the wall to the first post joeylee.
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    02-19-12 12:15 PM
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    Thank You*!!!
    02-20-12 06:59 AM