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    **READ BEFORE PURCHASE**Due to an OS bug between OS7 and Custom Layout themes the icons located in folders will be INVISIBLE!**For easy access to applications located in folders, simply click the s key on the homescreen to open the Universal Search app and search for the desired icon. Or you can take out all the icons from folders to the main applications screen**

    In a busy world like ours sometimes you need to stop and take a breather. With Revel you can contemplate your favorite wallpaper with style. Whether you want to have a landscape as a wallpaper or your pet Revel will always bring a smile to your face when on the homescreen. For an elegant simplistic feel grab Revel today!

    • Wallpaper friendly
    • Pictures hotspot on wallpaper
    • No carrier

    Grab Revel at App World HERE
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    07-13-12 08:01 PM
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    Just bought it and find it interesting and different. Am a fan of pootermobile themes and have bought many for my 9900 and prior devices.

    I had some initial problems (shortcut keys not working, IE "O" for options) and menu items invisible against menu background. These went away on a reboot. Thought I had done the reboot already after buying.

    Very nice theme, though I personally prefer the other 2 I've bought from you recently.

    Two ideas for your consideration...
    - On the 9900 the picture frame size is relatively small and we end up with a fair bit of white space on the screen. It's a matter of taste for sure. To me, it makes the theme less desirable.
    - This I noticed on a couple other themes recently by others which have the anticipated OS7 non-tray empty folder bug. I noticed that even if I click on the notifications, it doesn't show notifications like the default and tray themes do. Is this related to the OS7 non-tray empty folder bug?
    Last edited by sheldonbk; 07-26-12 at 10:53 AM. Reason: To update my initial findings. Bugs I experienced after install quickly disappeared after a restart.
    07-26-12 10:42 AM
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    Ndefinitely not the most important thing here but if there is anychance of an update on this theme in addition to above is a skinned media player as with the valence & fresco. What I like with this though is it has given me that retro feel of the bold 9000 not sure why but on using just found it simple & very clean. Liking it.
    08-14-12 05:38 PM
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    08-23-12 06:32 AM
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    Nice themes
    09-28-12 05:19 PM