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    'Holiday in PariS' Themes is Special Design by Monokurin

    SUPPORT for all device OS 7 :
    *9220/9320 (OS 7.1)
    *9350/9360 (OS 7.1)
    *9370/9380 (OS 7.1)
    *9790 (OS 7.1)
    *9810 (OS 7.1)
    *9850/9860 (OS 7.1)
    *9900/9930/9981 (OS 7.1)

    Featured :
    -Customized icon
    -Customizes banner
    -Customizes wallpaper
    -Customizes indicator battery and signal
    -and other

    If you like it Please Rate it and GIVE 5 STAR then GIVE POSITIVE FEEDBACK
    If you get a problem,feel free to CONTACT ME
    on email : my_melody1811(at)yahoo.com

    Please, DO NOT GIVE NEGATIVE FEEDBACK I'm really appreciated.

    - You MUST have a data plan/internet access/FULL SERVICE (unlimited BIS) on your BlackBerry in order to PURCHASE and install the themes.
    -If you get a problem to instal the theme, please try to reset your appworld first :
    ON appworld
    -Press and hold ALT + R S T
    Then go back to appworld-my world-press menu-choose refresh-then check the uninstall list.

    Should be the theme ready to re-install now

    = With Love =

    06-28-13 12:32 PM

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