09-21-12 02:24 AM
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    Well good 1st attempt at fixing the lockscreen but their still is a duplicate icon issue. Thanks for responding so quickly. I'm sure you'll get it worked out. 1 of the other devs pointed out to me the other day that simulator doesn't really show these. It's a kinda feel your way around in the dark sorta thing.
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    hi, what is you baterry's app name please?
    05-22-12 04:10 PM
  2. hedone.hawker's Avatar
    my free code didn't work, gutted :'( love this theme but i can't afford it!
    HedoneDesign B7i is on sale now! You can now grab it for just 2.99!!! But only till May 29th!
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    05-24-12 05:10 PM
  3. tom0100's Avatar
    It's only 2.99 now at mobihand. It's the smoothest and best looking Iphone theme out there right now. It's a keeper and I buy many dumb themes that I discard straight away because they promise more than they are BUT not this one! I use this one daily on my 9900 and 9810 with OS 7.1.

    Too expensive for a theme...why would someone spend 6.99 to make his Blackberry Iphonish?
    06-11-12 12:00 PM
  4. hedone.hawker's Avatar
    B7i just got little sister! we've build it so you are able to get it from BlackBerry App World.

    Check it out here or on BlackBerry App World.

    06-14-12 12:47 PM
  5. catberryday's Avatar
    Is there any way to get the original version back when I upgrade to OS 7.1 from OS 7? I hate to have to pay $6.99 again since I can no longer get it from Mobihand. I don't really like the icons in the app world version either and don't want to pay so much for it again? I really loved this theme but may have to do without.
    09-21-12 02:24 AM
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