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    New theme featuring custom neon wallpaper, customized OS7 icons and changes to fonts and color schemes to liven things up!
    *** Update available - fix for duplicate indicators on application banner *** As of 6/6 - will update when available in appworld.

    *** New version submitted to App World for approval - contains new fonts and coloring to make SMS text messages easier to read!

    OS 7 Theme found Buy Neon Green Star OS7 - Download Neon Green Star OS7 - Buy Themes from BlackBerry App World
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    06-05-12 07:24 AM
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    Price reduced! Waiting for approval of next version with fixes for duplicated icons in banners and minor tweaks.

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    Working on another update to make Text messages easier to read as there have been some issues with the light font color.
    06-11-12 06:56 AM
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    Updated. New release should be available in App world on Monday or Tuesday. New release contains some updates to fonts and colors to make SMS text messages easier to read.
    06-16-12 09:36 PM
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