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    so, i just got the 9900 & i was using this theme, linked below, (on my 9700) since forever. does anyone know of anything similar for the 9900? i liked the theme bc the person who made it kept virtually everything the same/stock, except the large banner.. and the clock, i believe. but everything else remained unchanged (e.g. icons, fonts, battery indicator colors...) i've seen a few nice wallpaper-friendly themes, but some have blackberry playbook icons, which i don't care too much for. thanks in advance!


    Any minimalistic themes like this.... ??-capture4_19_9blackberry.jpg
    a screen cap of the theme on my 9700
    10-18-12 04:55 AM
  2. catberryday's Avatar
    10-21-12 12:27 AM
  3. YaiMMaKoOLkiiD's Avatar

    Nearly identical. Thank you very kindly!
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    10-21-12 05:19 AM

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