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    The wildly popular theme for OS6 is now available for the BlackBerry Bold 9790 for FREE!!

    "Lucky45's Classic" (BETA) which includes: smaller home screen banner, custom battery, wifi and signal meters, PlayBook icons + a few other tweeks.

    CLICK HERE for OTA download via opensourcebb.com


    **If you like the theme make sure you hit the 'THANKS' & 'LIKE' button(s)**

    For updates and all the latest news on my themes follow me on Twitter!!


    Requests/Custom Tweeks will be based on Donations.

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    01-12-12 09:46 PM
  2. Maseroche's Avatar
    Thank you so much for putting out a theme for us folks who chose the 9790!
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    01-13-12 02:09 AM
  3. iondubai's Avatar
    Thank you so much i just installed it looks really good and ill try it out to see how it will be since its a beta. i had your older theme on os6 that was really great like how you make the top banner smaller. i think smaller is better again thanks for the first 9790 theme
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    01-13-12 03:36 PM
  4. Aimar_69's Avatar
    finally a great designer who decided to work for the shine part of the OS7 city
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    01-13-12 09:35 PM
  5. maxx71's Avatar
    Thanks lucky45 for the theme and keeping it free.....this is the first theme for the 9790 and I can't thank you enough for all your efforts.....I do not know how tough it is to create a theme without the theme builder but I guess it would be a tough nut to crack....I would go a step further and request for something like the os5 theme with the weather icon on the top right, don't know how tough it is but if possible pls do try, I will be glad to pay !
    Thanks once again for the first theme for 9790 !!!!

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    01-14-12 11:50 PM
  6. kevinarjun's Avatar
    thanks m8...finally a theme for 9790...
    01-19-12 03:15 AM
  7. 4one1's Avatar
    sweet! finally a theme for my baby.
    01-31-12 02:43 AM
  8. blakobecwa's Avatar
    THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH!!! Good to see someone showing love for the Bold 9790!!!!!
    02-05-12 04:56 PM
  9. Shaun Zeeb's Avatar
    nice theme thanks
    02-19-12 12:02 PM
  10. PPL's Avatar
    Thanks Mate!
    04-12-12 01:04 PM
  11. nextgate's Avatar
    thanks mate for theme. can u make P9981 theme for 9790 ?
    04-24-12 12:41 AM
  12. zanjade's Avatar
    Thanks. But I have a question. Does it have any additional icons added once installed? Themes from the appworld usually add unidentified icons and its annoying!
    04-30-12 06:26 AM
  13. koperniczx3's Avatar
    Thanks a LOT for the theme.. Its perfect for me exactly the style I wanted
    05-23-12 11:45 AM
  14. Lucky45's Avatar
    Thanks. But I have a question. Does it have any additional icons added once installed? Themes from the appworld usually add unidentified icons and its annoying!
    Unidentified? No...
    05-24-12 03:47 PM
  15. maxx71's Avatar
    hi lucky 45,

    Been a while since u posed this great theme, this is still my first choice amongst many other themes and keep it for most of the time.
    Request, can u create a theme with red, green, orange highlight colors instead of blue with the rest of the theme functionality being the same. if required i will be glad to pay for this personalisation.

    Kindly consider !
    07-08-12 11:29 PM
  16. tgyarslan's Avatar
    greatest theme ever thank you bro
    09-04-12 05:46 PM
  17. ngc's Avatar
    Hey Lucky!!! Been using your themes since the 9700 and the small banner... I now have the 9790 and thank God you have port this theme for this device!!! thanks a lot man!!!
    09-14-12 09:53 AM
  18. teostar's Avatar
    Hey @lucky and drkapprentice, can we get the red glow for new messages like the new themes.
    10-17-12 07:50 PM
  19. bayutop's Avatar
    best theme ever for 9790
    01-19-14 06:16 AM