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    For the last few weeks I've been having a problem with my 9790 where my browser, Twitter and Facebook have all been timing out when loading. The problem sounds the same as this:


    But that post didn't find any solution. I'm on Orange UK which recently changed to EE and since then the problem has started. I'm running .714 which isn't officially supported by them but I thought that shouldn't be a problem. When I delete BIBS2 I can make the browser work again but not Twitter or Facebook and it isn't a real solution to the problem. If I go on WiFi it all works and I have no problem with E-mails or BBM. Does anyone have any ideas or experienced the same thing?

    I've actually changed 9790 and I still have the same problem with .569 and .714.
    11-03-12 09:56 PM

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