1. quincykers's Avatar
    Someone please help me before I lose my mind... I got a 9790 last Christmas It was on a plan for 1 year.. A month or so ago everything was fine except the huge crack in the lock button.. But then the phone would not receive or give calls and it would switch carriers when ever.. Sometimes I could make calls.... BUT I sent in my phone and I received a brand new one! a day before my warranty was ending or the day of it ending.. So lets get to the point sorry for rambling...

    my new 9790 stopped working the 2nd day LOL... The touch screen stopped working! I went to the options to see if it was disabled and it was not. Then when I make or receive calls and put my ear to it, It turns off like wtf?! So I have been putting it on speaker right away and it works fine but I can not switch back to normal..

    What I have done to try and fix this I have did a security wipe, a new firmware from 7.1 to 7.0 and wasnt working so I believe I went back to 7.1.. I also did several long battery pulls and sim pulls... I went to my carrier in the mall and they told me to call in which I did and what they said was they will send out a loner.. then when I get home I get a email saying my warranty is up.. I feel like no where this is my fault and when i received this it broke out of no where after the 1st couple of days...

    What are my options and what can I do? Is there away to fix this?! I did drop the phone about 2 feet from the carpet and I think the problem may occurred right after.. Do I need to take it apart and re put something in? thank you
    12-18-12 08:37 PM
  2. TomJasper's Avatar
    How long before your one year warranty did you send it in for repair?

    You say your new phone lasted you two days?

    Deduct 2 days from the time you brought in your phone for repair.

    In other words if you brought it in 7 days before end of warranty, then they should honour 7 more days warranty from the time you get it back, in your case a new one.

    That's how I would present it to your retailer.

    In regards to you dropping your new replacement phone(on carpet from 2' apparently), I'm not the devil/angel on your shoulders, you have to decide if that was a factor and act accordingly.

    Good luck.
    12-18-12 09:05 PM
  3. quincykers's Avatar
    I sent it in around a month ago I believe.. and yeah I received a brand new one back like the same day my warranty was up or the day before or after my warranty.. and then it lasted 2 days from then.. Yes it was definitely 2 feet or less that I dropped it LOL.. I just would Like to know what the problem is if it is hardware or software or what! Like I reinstalled a new software shouldnt that of fixed the problem? unless I did it incorrectly but yeah there was a no go for the software fixing it sooo I can think of anything else but hardware maybe? What I am thinking is that maybe just maybe the cable that connects from the lcd to the main board wiggled out a little or something
    12-18-12 11:25 PM
  4. quincykers's Avatar
    I fixed it!!
    12-21-12 12:33 AM
  5. tom_dubai's Avatar
    How did you fix it?
    01-13-13 04:19 AM

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