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    I was wondering if this is happening to someone:

    When I try to take a picture with flash and the battery is below 50% the auto focus works with the flahs-light on and when fires do not re-launch the flash-light. At that time the device activates the flag "No Camera Flash" that can be seen in "Battery Monitoring Screen" through Engineering Screens.

    I just did the test with 41% battery and this time neither the auto focus has brought the flash-light.

    I changed the battery with an original about a week ago (after my adventures with batteries of dubious origin, but that's another story). This battery is 100% original, for the price and the two seals on the original box and the plastic bag inside. Is LG-JM1 and loading and unloading curves look great, nothing unexpected about drops from 80 to 100% or from 20% to 2% without warning.

    Rebooting removes the flag of "No Camera Flash" but when you retry take a picture with flash is activated again.

    Actually I'm not sure, but I think with the versions 247, 336, 492, 523 doesnt happen, and I think it started happening in the 569, 714 and now 746. But I'm not sure. Could be a problem with the flash or software?

    The old battery was ruined because using the "Hotspot all the time, and cord-powered all the time, because the hotspot consume more than the battery can give and overheated the battery. But when I changed the battery solved the suddenly drops but not the flash-light weird problem.

    It could also be an energy saving policy, but thanks to RIM and its change log mania, you never know what changed. I wonder if RIM understands that knowledge about something you own its important to the user.
    11-16-12 04:37 AM
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    I had the same thing with 746 and it is really annoying not to have flash when the battery is below 50%.

    *update* my flash is working again after a battery pull and a night in the charger.
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    11-16-12 05:54 PM
  3. L u i s's Avatar
    I found something that could be interesting. Now the behavior is only under 20%, and I'm sure that's a RIM policy to save energy;

    "If the camera has a flash, and the battery power level drops below 20 percent, the flash dims to conserve battery power. In cold temperatures, when the battery power level drops below 20 percent, the flash might turn off."
    (The flash dims or turns off - BlackBerry Torch 9850/9860 Smartphones - User Guide - BlackBerry Torch Series - 7.0)

    taken from the "BlackBerry Torch 9850/9860 Smartphones - BlackBerry Torch Series - 7.0"

    I think my problem is that I had enabled the SD logging, and that consumes a lot of power, so maybe is the reason than makes my flash not working bellow 50%.
    11-17-12 08:27 AM

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