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    Yesterday was my upgrade day for my account on T-mobile (UK) and while they seem reluctant to give you really good deals these days i did get a new 9790 in with the upgrade . For the past few months i've been using a touch 9860 and thoroughly enjoying it but decided to give the 9790 a try as it has a few things i can use on it that are not available on the 9860 .
    After transferring i must say i got a bit of a shock at how slow and un-responsive it seemed compared to the 9860 then i noticed it was still on OS 7.0 . Had a look around and it looked like T-mobile were lagging way behind everyone but then as if by magic a T-mobile UK update was released late yesterday taking it up to 7.1.......

    Model Blackberry Bold 9790
    Carrier T-Mobile UK
    Released Sep 28, 2012
    File size 254.92 MB
    File name 9790jAllLang_PBr7.1.0_rel2039_PL9.16.0.158_A7.1.0.

    T-mobile UK 9790 bundle

    It made it a whole lot better !
    After a day a few observations.....
    It's not as big as i thought !
    Not sure about the Qwerty Keyboard , at this moment prefer the fullsize touch one , the 'P' Key seems to be causing me some problems , probably just my big fingers !
    Early days yet so i'll see what it's like after a bit of use .
    09-29-12 05:38 AM
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    First thing I noticed playing with 9790 was the keys going fully edge-to-edge.
    Throw a slim case on it. You'll be amazed at the difference it makes with those outer keys.
    If RIM makes an OEM soft shell case for 9790, I'd recommend that. Otherwise you've got Seidio Innocase, Case-Mate Barely There, Incipio Feather or Syllicrilic, and several others.
    09-29-12 07:15 AM
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    Cheers elite 1 , i'll give a case a try !
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    09-29-12 10:57 AM
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    2 months down the line and i'm giving up on the 9790 . The full qwerty keyboard isn't for me , it's just too small for my fingers and i end up pressing double letters and having to adjust . So i'm going back to the 9860 which i've missed and never had the typing problems with that i had on the 9790 . Plus i miss the larger screen size .
    12-02-12 04:23 AM
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    I must say that I preferred the form factor & keyboard of the 9780 over ANY other BlackBerry I've had including the 9900 but if you need web browsing the 9700/9780/9790 just aren't the phones to do that on. The advantage of the 9790 is the touch screen but still the screen is only really any good for text messages & text based email. I'm not keen on the keyboard style of the 9790 either but I love this phone just for calls & text & really like the keyboard short cuts & notifications but I must say my iPhone 5 does most of my day to day stuff I just use this for calls & text. Maybe you should check out the Torch.
    12-02-12 02:36 PM