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    Edit: Please see my initial conclusion towards the end of this page.

    I have noticed that now we are finally experiencing some sun in the UK my 9790 has started going bananas if I open it up when I'm outside (to take a photo, for example ... the other day I tried only to find the camera zooming in automatically when I wanted a distance shot ... it was a real battle to get the shot I wanted).

    The most irritating feature of this odd behaviour is that when I put my password in (usually v quickly accomplished) the curser dances about scrambling the password resulting in the machine recording an incorrect password.

    Everytime I open a menu list the curser goes straight to the top and it is really v difficult to get the machine to scroll down ... get inside and draw the curtains and the phone behaves impeccably.


    My machine is on OS 7.0 Bundle 2254 (v7.0.0.528, Platform whatever all that means! My phone is a sim-free operating on Vodafone in the UK.

    If you can offer some help please bear in mind I am not technically v bright!

    Many thanks


    PS I could not find other references to this problem on 9790's using OS7.
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    Lots of references to this issue in the 9900/9930 forum. Although I've never suffered with it, the problem seems less severe on OS7.1. I suggest you update your OS to the latest 7.1 version, as is a bit of a dinosaur now.
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    Jup, try a software update.
    I only know that the capacitive touchscreen doesn't like the sunlight.
    It won't react that well, when you try to use it.

    As phil wrote, try a later OS version.

    I'm on .569 and that's a good one.

    In your case your device might think that the sunlight is your finger and it touches the screen.

    There are some OS versions which a more sensitive to that and others not.
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    Edit: Please see my initial conclusion towards the end of this page.

    Thanks to both of you for your advice.

    I have updated to 7.1 Bundle 1133 (v7.1.0.336, Platform for now.

    Will see whether there is an improvement tomorrow (providing the sun shines!) ... I'll update you.

    All the best

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    Edit: Please see my initial conclusion towards the end of this page.

    Sad to report .336 has not improved the position at all - I will update to .569 ... is this the latest update?

    Following Phill's comments I checked out the 9900 forum. Cleanliness was referred to as another possible issue. I cleaned my phone thoroughly using a dash of Screenclean (looked like new!) but again, sorry to report, no improvement.

    Edit: I have also played with touchscreen sensitivity settings which I have found did very slightly improve the position. I wish I could turn the facility off as I barely ever use it.

    Roll on winter and leaden skies!!

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    Edit: I think I have got to the bottom of this issue (certainly in so far as it affects my phone):

    Edit (continued): I am now sure my phone is suffering from a hardware fault, nothing to do with software. My firm recommendation to anyone with a 9790 who experiences this phenomenon is to waste no time and take it back to your vendor and get a replacement (if you can).

    Edit (continued): I thought the problem might be the touchscreen ... I found that by shading the screen I got some improvement ... but not much. Then I found that by manipulating the touchpad using my thumb flat against the pad (rather than the tip of my thumb) that the problem stopped altogether until, that is, I lifted my thumb. So clearly a physical problem with the touchpad.

    Edit (continued): I do tend to hit the touchpad quite hard when I am using the phone and wondered if that combined with sticky fingers (in this hot weather) might have caused the problem. I pressed the touchpad firmly (but not brutally) for a sustained period ... and since then the problem has ceased and I am able to use the touchpad with the tip of my thumb which is more comfortable than using the flat of the thumb! No doubt the problem will recur and I'll update this if it does. Still wondering whether to stay with BB - will do for now!

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    Lots of edits there Lindsay... but glad you finally got to the bottom of it

    The trackpad acting weird in direct sunlight has been a known issue since it was first introduced on the 8520. I've had a few trackpad models (8520, 9700, 9780, 9790, 9900) and never experienced this yet, but I've seen many complain about it.
    08-19-12 06:23 PM
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    Thanks for the kind words, Phill. I do have a tendency to verbal diarrhea, I'm afraid. Oh, and I note I should have called it a trackpad!

    Whatever, I have something of a solution.

    All the best.
    08-19-12 06:52 PM
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    This post is from India.
    Even I'm facing a similar issue. Not just in the sun light. The top of the screen gets automatically clicked, etc.
    The solution I could come up with was to lock the keypad (top key) & unlock it (the same key) again. This is a temporary solution because the issue came back after a few hrs or so. Each time a lock & unlock clears the problem.

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    08-20-12 05:41 AM
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    Just to confirm (as the sun is shining again today) that the problem has returned. Gentle pressure on the trackpad maintained for 10 - 15 seconds has again resolved it ... for now ... I should have given cycle_wala's temporary solution a go (although known weaknesses with the lock at the top of the phone make me loathe to touch it). However will give that a go the next time.

    I would love to understand the source of the problem. I have looked at the trackpad v closely and it seems to be nicely centred in the case opening, it works well with good travel (even after I have maintained some pressure). The trackpad has no obvious visible defects.
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    Having exactly the same problems.

    With my Bold 9790 - running

    Had this Bold since March 2012 - problem has only been appearing in last 2 months. It is now impossible to use outdoors, especially when sun is shining

    Not sure if its the suns rays, the heat, the wind?? Pathetic problem to be faced with

    I called RIM UK, they told me to take it to be carrier for repairs. I asked to speak to a technical support team at RIM -they wanted to charge $49 for the call. Insane

    Is this a hardware issue or software??
    08-26-12 10:29 AM
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    I'm convinced this is a hardware issue. You will see that when I reported this problem I was on v7.0.0.528. I was encouraged to update so went to v7.1.0.336 - this made no difference. I then updated to v7.1.0.569 (ie same as you) and again this made no difference to the situation.

    Since I believe it is a hardware issue there may be a benefit in recording where and when our machines were made. Mine was made by MEXICO 6 on 250412.

    I will be replacing the trackpad but only once someone has published a clear video as to how to do this ... I got so far the other day but then caution overtook me when I could not work out how to disconnect the trackpad ... seemed different from other BlackBerries, added to which I'm not a v practical type!!

    08-26-12 08:04 PM
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    Mine was made in Taiwan on 230112

    I bought it sealed on a local listings site.

    The seller obtained it when upgrading their service contract (on Vodafone)

    Can I simply take it into a Vodafone store? I don't have the full name/details of the seller
    08-27-12 11:49 AM
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    Can I simply take it into a Vodafone store? I don't have the full name/details of the seller
    Unfortunately not... they won't touch it.
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    08-27-12 01:00 PM
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    Thanks Phill

    So Vodafone will not rely on the imei/serial number to repair the phone?

    To make it clear, the seller took out a new 24 month contract upgrade with Vodafone in Feb 2012 and decided to then sell the phone (was still sealed)

    What info will Vodafone require? If I have the original Vodafone contract mobile number of the seller, will this suffice?

    Or will they only physically deal with the person named on the contract?
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    My thoughts are as follows:

    Vodafone have a contract with the person you call "the seller". I guess from what you are saying "the seller" has not assigned his contract with Vodafone to you along with the phone itself? If that is the case I cannot see Vodafone concluding they owe you any duty under the terms of their contract with "the seller".

    The relevant contract for you which gives rise to responsibilities is your contract with "the seller".

    I ain't no lawyer but in my view the only person who might be in a position to get a replacement or repair is "the seller".

    08-28-12 05:50 AM
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    Same thing has been happening to mine for months. It is a hardware issue and you need to get the trackpad replaced. Ive just been too lazy to get it done. I probably will take to a place this week.
    Sure I'm under warranty still but I'd rather pay $40 and get it back in 45 mins than wait weeks for repair to do it.
    when im out side I try to hold my thumb over the trackpad and use the touch screen to navigate. It sure makes using the keyboard difficult but Ive gotten better at it.

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    08-28-12 07:03 AM
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    Seller sold me the item in good faith - so I am hesitant to involve him

    I can buy a spare OEM trackpad on amazon for 10 ($15) and get someone to fit it.

    But this is shoddy from RIM and I'm disappointed

    at the moment, I cannot use my phone outdoors. Absurd

    Will go in to a Vodafone store and have a chat
    08-28-12 07:20 AM
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    Just a final roundup on this matter. The problem worsened until the trackpad became unuseable in anything other than a darkened room! Advised the company from whom I bought the phone that I wanted a repair and sent the phone back to them. They contacted me after they had received it and advised I would have a new phone, not a repair. They did tell me they were experiencing problems getting supplies of the phones but yesterday, some two and a half weeks after I sent the malfunctioning phone to them I got a brand new one back.

    I'm a happy customer ... hope nothing goes wrong with the new phone!
    11-03-12 09:11 AM