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    Hi Everyone

    I am trying to export my contacts from my Blackberry Curve 9790

    However there always seems to be data missing from the export

    I purchased a piece of software that i thought may help

    copy trans software to synch the contacts via outlook or windows contacts into my iphone

    However there always seems to be something missing

    specifically any notes that i have placed on that contact

    I have over 6000 contacts which contain notes and there is no way i can manually do this

    i have tried exporting to a CSV file and i also downloaded an app from the App store which i installed on the berry

    Contacts to CV , however again i am missing information from any notes in that contact

    The contacts seem to transfer ok , but the notes do not

    Is there any way i can do this to ensure i capture all information from my contacts

    instead of just , name , address , tel etc

    I have tried also using the desktop software and configuring fields to include the notes

    but it never seems to work

    Anyone been in this situation before

    Any ideas or pointers would be greatly appreciated
    11-18-15 02:44 PM

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