1. hoonibird's Avatar
    I have been unable to downlod to my cmputer my pics from my new BB 9790. I downloaded the program onto my laptop and whem i plug the usb cable to my laptop to initiate the transfer, i receive an error msg. i am stuck. BB (RIMM) is of NO HELP in solving this problem since i am only an individual user! they do not even post a ph number for help! This company is the most unfriendly and closed mouth when it comes to helping the end user.

    I now know why their stock plummeted from $140 to $6 in just 2 years. AAPL, NOK, HP, MOT. are always more cust service oriented. Only in 3rd world countries does BB still have a foot print. I am grossly disappointed with my experience with the BB 9790 and with the lack of support for this product.I have had this ph for less than 2 months. How can I solve this problem? Thank you for responding. I am curious if my experience is normal or if it is an aberration?
    01-06-13 11:40 AM
  2. eddy_berry's Avatar
    This is not the way one asks for help. Try again. Start by not bashing the the company and give us more detail about the error message. Also, there should be no reason you can't find a phone number. only your first post and you have effectively stopped people from wanting to help you.
    01-06-13 12:24 PM