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    Hi, I've looked everywhere but can't find an answer to this.

    Everything was working fine, then today after I updated bbm and facebook (I don't know if that's even related) something happened.

    There`s a new email indicator icon that won`t go away! I had it set up that when I opened my messages folder (which doesn't include sms) the new email message indicator would go away. I have about 230 unread messages, and I'm not going to change them all to read. Also, I get a lot of things that I don't want to look at on my phone, so I don`t open every one.

    Thing is I can't find the settings to change/make sure its set up right. I don't want to stop all indicators, and my sms is set up differently so I do actually have to read each message.

    I did a battery pull - nothing.

    Thanks for your help!
    12-11-12 07:16 PM

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