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    So my partner broke the screen on her bold 9790 today but looking for a replacement i noted that there is 2 screens :/.

    My question is, is it digitizer i should replace or the lcd ??

    here some pics (And sorry its hard to take pictures of the crack

    Broke my screen but unsure what to replace Help!-img-20121114-00060.jpg
    Broke my screen but unsure what to replace Help!-img-20121114-00061.jpg

    and here is how i think its not the lcd as it works fine
    Broke my screen but unsure what to replace Help!-img-20121114-00062.jpg

    And also the cracks can not be felt at the front of the case so Any help would be much appreciated.
    11-14-12 12:30 PM
  2. jpb39's Avatar
    The front housing of the 9790 contains an integrated touch screen and digitizer (picture below); if the touch screen is impaired by the screen damage, you will need to replace that in any case. You can find what seem to be OEM parts or OEM-quality replacement parts for around 40. If the screen image appears to be ok then the LED may be unaffected, but you'll probably need to remove the front housing to be sure (there are various disassembly videos that go through this in some detail; it's not very different from disassembling any of the earlier 97xx models).
    Attached Thumbnails Broke my screen but unsure what to replace Help!-front_housing.jpg  
    11-14-12 01:46 PM
  3. TashinV's Avatar
    I'm also wondering where sales the white front housing for 9790....
    11-18-12 02:45 AM

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