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    Hello, I'm kinda facing a problem that might be unsolvable but was hoping you guys could help.
    Back in the days before BBID was required(BB7) I registered almost 3 mobiles+ that weren't mine with the same blackberry id, now that I'm required, well would rather update to BB7 I cannot seem to do it because if i do a normal backup before updating while restoring for the first time it would tell me "This is already used by an email" and if i login with my BBID it might restore another mobile's contact and I'm not interested in doing that.

    Any possible way to do anything?

    Figured it out for anyone who wants to the solution;
    Anyways, basically backup your whole device from the computer and then backup your BB contacts via the BBM don't update the new BBM.. Do a "Security Wipe" and then backup your contacts/phone numbers/whatever you want then basically, add a new email to your device and then update your device
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